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American Medical Forensic Specialists

About the Network - Founded in 1990, American Medical Forensic Specialists (AMFS) provides authoritative medical experts to legal counsel and insurance companies. AMFS has provided experts in more than 15,000 malpractice and personal injury cases. The company is based in Emeryville, California, and is privately held. 

Consultant Profile - Consultants are physicians, nurses, life care planners, and valuation economists. Candidates must be board-certified and actively practicing. Medical-legal work should make up no more than 3 to 5 percent of their overall income. AMFS has more than 8,500 expert physicians in 250 specialties around the country.

How It Works - Clients contact AMFS with a brief synopsis of the medical issues present in the case they are pursuing. An inhouse Medical Director assists the client in clarifying the medical issues and recommends specific medical specialties to perform the in-depth medical analysis and testimony. 

Clients then supply the relevant medical records and specific questions to be answered. The inhouse medical director conducts an initial review of the information and arranges to have the information reviewed by members of the multidisciplinary Physician advisory panel.
Within 10 days, the reviewing physician contacts the client to discuss the merits of the case. Following the initial review, AMFS can provide a certificate of merit that is required in some jurisdictions.

At this point, AMFS assists clients by interviewing experts on behalf of the clients and helping them in the selection process. The relevant medical issues in the case are presented to prospective Medical experts by inhouse physicians. To ensure objectivity, cases are presented "blind" so the prospective expert does not know whether the client is the defendant or plaintiff. 

Once chosen, the expert provides an estimate of the time required for each required task. AMFS handles billing and collections as well as overall project management. 

Opportunities - Research, testimony, radiology reviews, age of injury reports, life care plans, and independent medical examinations.

How to sign-up - Prospective Experts can complete an online form and supply a copy of their resume. Resumes should be thick with lectures, papers, and grants in full detail, not abbreviated. Alternatively, Experts can call AMFS at (800) 275-8903 to learn more about their organization, requirements, and needs.

Payment - Rates are negotiated. 

Additional Information - The website is well organized and detailed. 




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