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Aristotle Circle 

About the Network - Founded by Suzanne Rheault, an experienced Equity Research Analyst, Aristotle Circle connects parents with top admissions professionals, guidance counselors, school administrators, financial aid advisors, and child development experts in their fields. The network helps parents navigate their child's educational development from pre-school through graduate school and eventual entry into the workforce.


Consultant Profile - Experts include former Ivy League admissions directors, award-winning authors, former financial aid officers, nationally renowned college and private school admissions experts, athletic coaches, and recruiters from First Division and Ivy League schools, guidance counselors, as well as early learning and child psychologists.

How it Works - Consultations are based on parents' needs. Parents provide information on the age of the child, schools they're interested in, the services they are interested in, method of contact, any special considerations, and the date they would like to get started with the process.  Aristotle Circle will review this information and provide a list of 3 to 5 experts along with information on their education, specialties, counseling experience, admissions experience, and hourly rates. Once experts have been selected, the network sets-up an interview and holds payment in escrow until the consultation has been completed. 

Opportunities - Consultations may be conducted on the telephone, in person, or via email.

How to sign-up - Complete a detailed online application. The application includes work history, educational background, and references. A resume is required. A photo is optional.

Payment - Rates are negotiated. Payment is typically issued within 10 
days of invoice.

Additional Information - Aristotle Circle is based in New York City. It has more than 200 vetted experts and currently serves over 500 clients in 26 states and 7 countries. Aristotle Circle also creates and distributes world-class test preparation materials. In April of 2011, the network received $2 million in venture capital funding from Rho Ventures.



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