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Asia CEO Network

About the Network - Asia CEO Network is an Asia-based research firm that connects global clients with leading Asia-based professional experts. Founding members include Peter Birch, a specialist in market entry strategies including greenfield start-ups, joint ventures, strategic alliances, and acquisitions; Brian Thom, experienced business management and strategic marketing expert with 30 years of experience in Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Korea; Alex Bowden, a leading marketing executive based in Bangkok; and Janette Dixon, a former medical scientist with extensive experience in biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, and clinical diagnostics.

Consultant Profile - Consultants range from "grass-roots" level experts all the way through to board members. Featured consultants include a former President of Pepsi Cola Korea and a former Senior Executive Vice President at Krung Thai Bank in Thailand.

How It Works - When Asia CEO Network receives a project inquiry, they select experts with relevant background and experience to present to their client. Clients then choose one or all of the experts referred to them. The network then facilitates communication and handles invoicing and collections.

Opportunities - Not specified beyond "advisory services." Presumably telephone or in-person consultations.

How to sign-up - By referral or online application. The online application is short and straight forward. It also includes an optional cv upload. 
Payment - Payment typically processed 30 days after the completion of a project.

Additional Information - Consultants are required to obtain written authorization from the CEO of Asia CEO Network before accepting a contract or full-time employment with member clients.



Online Application

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