About the Network - Askvisory connects organizations and individuals with experts using innovative call handling technology. Clients only pay for the time they talk with an advisor. Clients include Consulting Firms, Asset Management Firms, Private Equity, and Venture Capital firms. Industries covered include IT Telecom & Media, Business and Financial Services, Legal Services, Education, Training and Coaching, and Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals. While the network does not have a specific industry focus, many of the opportunities are in the technology and innovation fields.

Consultant Profile - Consultants come from a variety of backgrounds including law, marketing, technology, education, and healthcare. While a large number of consultants have executive experience, many consultants are from middle management or have a specialized technical skill. 

How It Works - Advisors or experts build their executive profiles online. Clients search for the specialized skills and experience they need for a given project. Askvisory connects both parties by phone and keeps track of time elapsed during the consultation. Askvisory then takes care of billing and collections.
Opportunities - Paid Telephone consultations and Leadership networking. (Leadership networking allows experts to speak with one another for up to 30 minutes three times a month. This, of course, is unpaid.)  

How to sign-up - Experts can sign-up using an online application form.


Payment - Rates are set by experts. Payments are processed within one day via PayPal.

Additional Information - In addition to their telephonic consulting opportunities, Askvisory allows experts to showcase their skills and experience via expert blogs. There are currently blogs in more than 110 categories.



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