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Atheneum Partners

About the network - Atheneum is a global expert platform and research firm which connects consulting firms, investment houses, and corporations with the world’s most relevant experts while ensuring the highest compliance standards are met. Thanks to the Atheneum Expert Platform (AEP), complemented by custom recruitment, clients can gain the latest and most in-depth insights and empower their decision making. 

Consultant profile - Atheneum offers access to thousands of registered and screened subject matter experts across 8 main industries:  Health Care, Industrials & Transportation, Energy & Utilities, Technology, Media & Entertainment, Financial Institutions, Consumer Goods, Materials & Natural Resources, and Public Policy, and in more than 7,000 niche markets. 

How it works - A client contacts Atheneum with a specific project request and Atheneum engages the most relevant experts, while managing the end-to-end process. Clients can connect directly with the experts via phone or in-person or Atheneum can engage the expert on the client’s behalf. 

Opportunities - Conference calls, webinars, in-person interviews, in-person meetings, interview execution & transcripts, expert-backed reports, expert surveys, target screening, data tracking, workshops, on-site visits, interim placements, permanent placements, advisory board placements, keynote speakers.

How to sign-up - For further information on becoming an expert with Atheneum, contact the Expert Relations Support Team at

Payment - Contact Atheneum for further information.

Addition Information 

Atheneum is headquartered in Berlin and has offices in New York, London, Shanghai, Santiago de Chile, and Lahore.



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