About the Network - Avalon, also known as Avalon la Red de Expertos, is an expert network for the Spanish speaking world. Led by CEO Inigo Manso, Avalon's board brings a wealth of experience in human development, management, consulting, finance, and technology. In addition to categorizing their consultants by sector - (accounting, energy, etc), Avalon allows clients to search for experts by functional expertise (strategic, tactical, operational, technical, etc.) 
Clients include major companies and investment leaders in Spain, Portugal, and Latin America.

Consultant Profile - Experts come from all industry sectors, both government and private from throughout Latin America, Portugal and Spain. Experts are generally multi-lingual with languages including Spanish, English, Portuguese, French, Italian, German, Russian and Chinese. 

How It Works - Clients contact Avalon with a specific question or topic in mind. Avalon staff evaluate requests and provide a shortlist of experts. Clients select the experts they wish to speak with and Avalon schedules the engagements. Avalon handles the billing and collections. After the engagement has been completed, Avalon also conducts a follow-up evaluation with the client.
Opportunities - Telephonic and online consultations as well as in-person visits.

How to sign-up - Complete an online application which includes an uploaded cv.
Payment - Rates are set by experts. Payment is somewhat complicated. Avalon notifies experts when payment is ready. Experts must then send an invoice to Avalon that corresponds with the payment. Money is transferred via bank wire. Fees are the responsibility of the expert.

Addition Information - The website is a bit vague on specifics. The site is bilingual in English and Spanish, however, there are some pages that are only complete in Spanish.



Online Application

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