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Axon Advisors

About the Network - Based in Indianapolis, Indiana, Axon Advisors provides on-demand access to subject matter experts from around the world using qualitative and quantitative information gathering methodologies. According to their website, they have a 96% success rate in matching clients with the right subject matter experts.

Consultant Profile - Experts come from a wide range of backgrounds including manufacturing, construction, natural resource, mining, trade, transportation, utilities, financial services, education, health, information, leisure, hospitality, and professional and business services.

How It Works - Clients contact Axon to identify the right consultant(s) for their project(s)
Opportunities - Opportunities include telephone interviews, in-person interviews, online focus groups, onsite focus groups, site visits, placement, online surveys, and automated phone surveys. 

How to sign-up - Complete an online contact form to schedule an interview with Axon Advisors.


How to sign-up - Experts can sign-up using an online application form.
Payment - Rates are not disclosed on the website.

Addition Information - Axon Advisors was founded by Emily Brammer who worked at MDRxFinancial, a healthcare data research firm in New York, where she developed data products and coordinated research services for institutional investor clients. She spent two years in military training and political science studies at the United States Military Academy at West Point and graduated from Saint Mary's College in Notre Dame, Indiana, where she earned a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy





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