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About the Network - Founded by Ryan Himmel, a former equity research analyst in the Semiconductor and Enterprise Hardware groups at Cowen & Company, BIDaWIZ provides tax advice to individuals and businesses in the United States. 

Consultant Profile - Consultants are accounting, tax, and finance professionals. All have US University Degrees, are licensed in their field, and have a minimum of two years of experience. All applicants undergo a background screening to ensure licensure and education.

How It Works - Clients select a category of advice (e.g. personal tax, business tax, accounting) and State. Clients then type in their questions. Experts have the option of asking additional questions for clarification, then bid for the opportunity to answer the question. Clients then select their experts and begin communication. Once the client is satisfied with the answer, the expert is paid. Once the engagement is complete, the expert is rated on a star system.
Opportunities - Telephonic and written consulting engagements.

How to sign-up - Prospective Experts must complete an extensive online application. Application requires an uploaded resume and license(s). Photo is optional but recommended.
Payment - Experts bid on questions. BIDaWIZ takes 50% of what experts receive as a referral payment. BIDaWIZ handles billing and collections. Payments are made on the 1st and the 15th via PayPal. Bonuses may be given by BIDaWIZ to consultants based on their performance.

Addition Information - Their website includes a section of free tax advice as well as a blog with relevant topics. 



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