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Business Talent Group

About the Network - Business Talent Group (BTG) provides on-demand consulting services to a wide variety of industries including pharma, biotech, e-commerce, insurance, consumer goods, energy, financial services, healthcare, hospitality, industrial, life science, media, entertainment, government, private equity, retail, services, and technology. BTG's on-demand consulting engagements include corporate strategy development, project leadership, finance, human resources, marketing, sales, operations, procurement, mergers, and acquisitions. BTGs services include a private project bidding platform, client services, and corporate practices that support consulting engagements at competitive prices.

Consultant Profile - Consultants, subject matter experts, operators, and executives hail from Big 3 consulting firms, boutique and specialty firms, and Fortune’s 50  companies. 67% have hands-on experience in both consulting and operations. 78% have held director roles or higher at major corporations.70% have worked internationally.

How It Works - Clients call, post, or chat details of their projects, ideal consultant, budget, and timelines. Clients choose consultants or teams of experts from a curated slate of talent that best meet their needs. Consultants can be deployed onsite or work remotely.

Opportunities - Consultants participate in remote and onsite consultations based on client needs. Beyond access to clients, BTG provides resources, incentives, and discounts to support independent consultants on both BTG and non-BTG projects. Benefits include referral bonuses for projects, feedback and coaching, access to additional talent for team projects, professional development opportunities, an exclusive Allstate insurance solution, and supporting resources for research and graphic design.

How to sign-up - Experts seeking to join BTG can apply online.
Payment - Payment process is not specifically discussed on the website.



Online Application

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