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Clear Capital

About the Network - Co-founders Duane Andrews and Kevin Marshall founded Clear Capital after the success of their first venture, REONetworks (Formerly Broker Price Opinion (BPO). Clear Capital provides real estate Appraisals, Broker Price Opinions, Home Data Indexes, Property Condition Reports, and Value Reconciliations. 

Consultant Profile - Expert consultants are licensed real estate appraisers, brokers, and agents. 

How It Works - When a valuation or inspection request enters the Clear Capital system from the customer, they clean and research the address to make sure an expert can locate the property. They then send a single e-mail and/or text message to one field expert at a time. Each field expert has several minutes to review the job and choose whether he or she would like to accept it before another field expert is e-mailed. The first person to log into his account from any computer or mobile device and click "Accept" receives the order. All orders are completed online with their easy-to-use form. Completed valuations are reviewed by Clear Capital staff and, if necessary, sent back to the field expert for clarification. Valuations are then sent to the client.
Opportunities - Appraisals, Broker Price Opinions, Property Condition Reports, and Value Reconciliations.

How to sign-up - Experts can apply by completing an online application
Payment - Clear Capital field experts are paid within 3 to 4 weeks of report completion. 

Addition Information - Clear Capital puts out a monthly home price index ahead of the widely used Standard & Poor's/Case-Shiller.



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