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Clear Horizon Research

About the Network - Clear Horizon Research is an expert network based in Sao Paolo, Brazil that provides primary research to European and North American Investors. The network has an operating agreement with Primary Global Research and uses their operating system to manage consultation scheduling, follow-up, billing and collections.

Consultant Profile - Experts are leading academics, engineers, product managers, resellers, sales and marketing professionals from a wide range of industries, all with expertise in Latin America.

How It Works - Clear Horizon maps out each sector, from suppliers to resellers and end users, along with the political and regulatory bodies that impact a companies business. It then recruits appropriate experts to speak with their clients in order to provide the most comprehensive information possible.
Opportunities - Telephone consultation, research reports, in person meetings.

How to sign-up - Clear Horizon Research recruits experts who are thought leaders, innovative thinkers and speakers at major conferences and from leading publications and forums. For additional information, experts can contact them at
Payment - Not disclosed on their website.



Inhouse Recruiter

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