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About the Network - Founded in 2012, Codeable is a WordPress development freelancer platform that connects world-class Wordpress coders with people in need of on-demand website support. Codeable supports thousands of businesses from startup and store owners to large businesses with mission-critical websites.

Consultant Profile - Only 2% of Wordress developers are accepted onto the platform. Developers know WordPress inside out and have strong PHP, jQuery, WordPress and HTML skills. Developers must be able to share impressive examples of their past work, must be able to meet deadlines, work well with clients, and must have implemented solutions with the majority of the most popular plug-ins.

How It Works - Clients provide a brief explanation of what is needed which can include anything from small fixes to full website development. Codeable connects clients with the appropriate developer(s) to solve the problem or develop a solution. The client is provided with a single estimate based on the average of all estimates received from experts on the platform, a developer is hired, and the project begins. Invoicing and payment are handled through the platform.
Opportunities - Projects include custom plug-in development, theme troubleshooting and fixing, website build, and e-commerce website build.

How to sign-up - Experts can enroll using an online application.
Payment - Wordpress developers are page between $70 and $120 dollars an hour depending on the complexity of the project. To avoid "race to the bottom" pricing, clients are provided with a single estimate based on the average of all developer estimates. Codeable tacks on a 17.5% charge as their share of the engagement.



Online Application

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