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About the Network - Codementor is an open marketplace for both instant 1:1 help and long-term mentorship. Codementor connects clients with experts for urgent issue solving, technical advice, pair programming, and code review. In addition to expert consultations, Codementor provides an extensive library of resources for developers.

Consultant Profile - Codementors are experts in web programming, coding, mobile app programming, design/ux, database/operations, and development and process tools. 

How It Works - Clients post requests in one of more than 800 categories including JavaScript, Ruby, PHP, CSS/HTML, iOS, Android. Advanced topics include big data, and machine learning. Codementors respond to posts in their area of expertise. Codementors provide debugging help, code review and pair programming via screen sharing, video, and text chat. Codementors are also available for longterm mentoring engagements.
Opportunities - Online consultations via an interactive platform and longterm mentoring engagements.

How to sign-up - Experts can enroll using an online application.
Payment - Codementor is an open marketplace where expert developers can set their own rates. Typically a mentor's rate starts at $10 (USD) for every 15 minutes. Some experienced mentors rates start at $50 for 15min. Occasionally a few mentors choose to work with users free of charge. There is a minimum charge of 15 minutes for each session at the mentor's rate. 



Online Application

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