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Coleman Research Group

About the Network - Coleman Research Group (CRG) is an expert network service that facilitates primary research for clients by connecting them with industry experts. Clients include mutual funds, hedge funds, private equity firms, management consultancies, and law firms. CRG uses proprietary software, KnowledgeBroker®, to make the right matches between clients and experts.

Consultant Profile - Their experts include professionals from all walks of life: from middle management to executive; lawyers and doctors to University Professors. They cover many if not most industries including Business & Financial Services, Consumer Goods & Services, Healthcare, Energy & Industrials, and Technology, and Media & Telecom. 

How It Works - Clients come to Coleman Research Group to conduct primary research on a topic or industry. CRG uses its proprietary software to match clients with experts. Once an appropriate match has been made, CRG reminds participants of their terms and conditions, and a call is scheduled. After the call is completed, experts log into their accounts and send invoices for their services.
Opportunities - Phone calls, conference calls, round tables, and in-person meetings.

How to sign-up - Experts can enroll using an online application. Their software allows you to upload your resume to populate fields in their enrollment form.
Payment - Experts set their own rates. CRG pays via direct deposit or check. Processing times are not specified.

Addition Information - Coleman Research Group calls its expert network an Executive Forum. 



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