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About the Network - Respondent is a market research and user experience platform that conducts studies on behalf of Fortune 500 companies. Respondent conducts studies with both consumers and industry professionals. High-profile customers include IBM, Allstate, Alation, and Huge.

Consultant Profile - Respondent works with consumers and business professionals, including software developers, marketers, executives, enterprise software users, business owners, and sales.


How It Works - Experts create profiles on the platform with their skills and interests. Experts verify their employment using their work emails. Respondent matches experts to potential projects using their skills and experience. Experts select the projects of interest to them, apply, and answer additional screening questions. Researchers reach out to selected experts to complete studies.

Opportunities - Unmoderated Surveys, Phone calls, interviews, and discussion groups. Engagements range from 15-minute surveys to multi-day panel discussions. Projects include both consumer and professional topics.


How to sign-up - Experts can apply to participate using this online form


Payment - Payment ranges from $5 to $500, depending on the engagement type, with professional engagements paying significantly more than consumer engagements. Payments are generally made in gift cards rather than cash.





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