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User Interviews

About the Network - User Interviews is a legitimate company conducting consumer research studies online and in-person. Through these studies, participants have the opportunity to earn money by sharing their opinions and providing valuable feedback that can help shape the development of future products and services. User Interviews play a crucial role in the research and development process, as they allow companies to gather valuable insights and perspectives from consumers. By participating in these studies, individuals can earn extra income and directly impact the products and services that are available in the market.

Consultant Profile -  Experts include consumers and industry professionals, software developers, enterprise software users, sales professionals, dispatchers, and managers.

How It Works - Participants complete an online profile and are matched with studies relevant to their background and experience. Participants apply to studies, answer additional screening questions, and are scheduled for unmoderated surveys, interviews, and panel discussions—applicants complete studies, which are verified by researchers and scheduled for payment.
Opportunities - Unmoderated surveys, interviews, and panel discussions.

How to sign-up - Experts can apply using an online form
Payment - Rates vary by project and are generally (but not exclusively) paid with gift cards rather than cash. Projects pay between $5 and $500, depending on the level of commitment.



Online Application

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