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ENG - Expert Network Group

About the Network - Based in New York City, Expert Network Group (ENG) provides institutional clients with highly specialized experts in all industry sectors and along every point of the supply chain. They specialize in experts not available on other services.

Consultant Profile - Less than 2% of ENG experts are executives of publicly-traded companies. Their network is comprised of former executives, private company employees & independent experts. 

How It Works - ENG handles all arrangements of a consultation from start to finish, including all follow-up work. They host all events including in-person meetings, phone calls, field visits, and group meetings. Prior to any event, ENG verbally reminds all participants of compliance requirements (experts & clients). Both experts and clients must adhere to e-mail compliance riders on both call confirmation (day call gets on the calendar) & call reminder (sent day of actual call). ENG has the ability to monitor all phone calls, meetings, and events for compliance. ALL follow-up work is handled by ENG to further manage compliance risk. Interactions that are independently arranged by clients & experts initially introduced by ENG are not permitted.

Opportunities - One-on-one phone calls, meetings, group meetings, and field visits.

How to sign-up - Experts can sign up using an online application

Experts must furnish the last five (5) years of their employment history (including background checks).

Payment - Payment is negotiated on a project by project basis. Payments are made on the 15th of each month. Experts are paid in increments of 5 minutes. The method of payment is not specified on their website.

Additional Information -  ENG is partnered with Pulse Trading, subjecting them to the extensive requirements of a FINRA registered broker-dealer.



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