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About the Network - Founded in 2010, Evisors initially focused on connecting job-seeking clients with former employees and interviewers at highly sought-after companies. The Network's services have since expanded to include admissions, test preparation, and entrepreneurship advice. Their mission is to democratize access to great expertise and advice.

Consultant Profile - While their website encourages professionals from all industries and functions to apply, their current experts are predominantly admissions professionals and business professionals involved in the hiring process.

How It Works - Potential clients search through a database of experts or submit a request for consultation. Consultations are conducted over the telephone or via email. Evisors handles marketing, scheduling, billing, and collections.

Opportunities - Email consultations, telephonic consultations via their online collaboration tool, and projects.

How to sign-up - Experts can enroll online using their LinkedIn profiles or by completing an online application.

Payment - Experts set their own rates ranging from $50 per hour to over $400. Payments are made monthly via Paypal or Check.



Online Application

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