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Expert Network Prerequisites

Congratulations on deciding to become part of the Expert industry. Before you begin the enrollment process, you will need the following items:

1) A Resume or CV detailing your work experience. It should go without saying that your resume should inform the reader of your expertise in your intended field. Check our Expert Resources for a list of recommended books and services to help you in the process.

2) An Executive Profile - You can use your Linkedin profile as a starting point. If you do not already have a Linkedin profile, do it now before you take another step. Take a look at our step by step guide for suggestions in how to get started. For additional assistance, see our Services.

3) A Photo - While most Expert Networks don't require a photo, you will get more consultations if you have one. Note that your photo should be an executive photo with you looking like an expert. Unless you are trying to become a parenting or pet expert, don't include children or pets in your profile photo.

4) A dedicated email with forwarding capability. Using Gmail or similar service will help you keep track of your micro-consulting correspondence while allowing you to respond to engagements quickly. Use this email when enrolling in Expert Networks and set it up to forward your messages to the email account you check most often. If your email changes, forwarding your Expert Network notifications will be a simple one-step process. 

5) Electronic Payment Account - Most Expert Networks offer direct deposit, Paypal, or Money Booker payments. Consider setting up a dedicated account to track your micro-consulting income. 

6) Video - (Optional) - Many networks now allow you to post a 30 to 45-second promotional video detailing your expertise. If you can pull-off a professional-looking production, do it. 

Once you have completed the prerequisites, continue on to our Step by Step Guide and begin the enrollment process. For more information on micro-consulting, Sign-up for our free Expert Network newsletter for "How to Tips," in-depth profiles of Expert Networks, and referrals to micro-consulting engagements.

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