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About the Network - Based in Turkey, Expertera serves leading consulting, asset management, and venture capital firms by facilitating paid consultations with subject matter experts. Expertera was a sponsor of the 2013 Private Equity Internation forum in Istanbul. Past consultations have included engagements in healthcare, cosmetics, auto rentals, home textiles, direct banking, steel, and chemicals.

Consultant Profile -  Experts include executives, managers, doctors, engineers, lawyers, real estate agents, consultants, and other academic and industry professionals.

How It Works - Potential clients contact Expertera with a proposal or topic for research. After an initial consultation, Expertera agents choose subject matters experts that best meet the needs of the clients. Expertera handles all marketing, scheduling, billing, and collections.

Opportunities - Consultations are completed over-the-phone or in person.

How to sign-up - Experts can enroll using their LinkedIn profile or by completing an online application.

Payment - All fees are negotiated on a case-by-case basis. Payment methodology is not specified on their website.




Online Application

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