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Experts Council

About the Network - Experts Council is a knowledge brokering platform that connects clients with operational experts for sectorial interviews. These interviews help C-Level executives and their teams save time and money by helping executives make informed decisions. Independent experts also enable clients to quickly grow their understanding of a sector and avoid possible traps. The Experts Council is based in Paris, France but provides coverage worldwide.

Consultant Profile - Consultants come from a wide variety of industries including consumer goods, digital, retail, telecom, media, and entertainment.  Job functions include purchasing, commercial, communication, strategy, plant management, general management, market research, finance, legal, marketing, HR, customer satisfaction, customer service, corporate services, facility management, and information services.

How It Works - Potential clients formulate a needs assessment and supply it to the Experts Council. Expert Councils staff work with clients to refine their needs and formulate assignments. Expert Council staff provide a list of relevant experts for client review and schedule engagements. After engagements have been completed, the Expert Council processes payments and evaluates the success of the engagement.

Opportunities - Sectorial interviews, physical appointments, skills certification, and special assignments.

How to sign-up - Experts can enroll online by completing an online application.

Payment - Payment information not disclosed on the website.



Online Application

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