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Experts Direct

About the Network - ExpertsDirect is Australasia’s first online directory of experts, expert witnesses, consultants, and keynote speakers. ExpertsDirect is primarily intended for use by lawyers, barristers, law firms, judges and court personnel, government and law enforcement agencies, insurance companies, and others in the legal, business, insurance, and forensic communities seeking to retain experts, expert witnesses, consultants, investigators, and professional service providers.

Consultant Profile - Experts are divided into Medical and Non-Medical categories. Medical experts include all areas of practice, from Allergies to Vascular surgery. Non-Medical experts come from all walks of life, but are heavily focused in engineering and the sciences.

How It Works - Clients request experts via a webform on the ExpertsDirect website. Client requests are matched with expert profiles and clients are provided with a shortlist of candidates. Clients can compare Experts based on rates, executive summaries, links to past cases, embedded CVs, and publications. Clients select candidates based on their needs.
Opportunities - Expert reports and assessments, expert determinations, joint expert appointments. 

How to sign-up - Experts can apply using an online form
Payment - Experts set their own rates.



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