About the Network - Based in London, the Expertview Network provides in-depth research to investment Managers, M&A practitioners, and corporate executives. They utilize a combination of primary research and expertise from active industry participants. Originally focused on the media & entertainment sector, Expertview has expanded to cover a broad range of industries.

Consultant Profile - Consultants come from a wide variety of backgrounds including academics, industry professionals, and specialist journalists.

How It Works - The network identifies experts relevant to a client's needs, introduces the expert to the client, and arranges a mutually convenient time for them to speak. After the consultation has been completed, Expertview handles billing and collections.
Opportunities - Most of the engagements are one-to-one telephone consultations. ExpertView also offers roundtable discussions, surveys, and/or research reports.

How to sign-up - Experts can sign-up via an online application. Registration takes approximately 10 minutes.
Payment - ExpertView sets a standard hourly consulting rate for telephonic consultations and in-person consultations. The rate is emailed to participants after they enroll and is periodically reviewed. Separate fees are negotiated for special projects. Experts should receive payment 30 days after both expert and client agree the consultation has been completed.

Additional Information - Expertview was founded by Martin Tripp, a headhunter with deep experience in the media and information sector.



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