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About the Network - Founded in 1991 by Mercy Steenwyk, ForensisGroup started with a group of ten engineers specializing in construction, engineering, and other building-related defects and damages analysis. The group has since expanded to include more than 2,000 consultants providing indepth expert witness services in business, engineering, medicine, science, and other technical disciplines.

Consultant Profile - Experts come from a wide range of backgrounds including engineers, doctors, pathologists, accountants, actuaries, and a host of other technical disciplines.

How It Works  - ForensisGroup refers experts to attorneys, self-insureds, insurance professionals, corporations, private and public agencies, as well as to other experts in need of assistance, without regard to the side they are representing. The Network handles all marketing, scheduling, billing and collections activities for experts.
Opportunities - Litigation support services including, but not limited to, accident investigations, accounting, actuarial, mergers and aquisitions, investments, insurance, finance, patents and medical reviews.

How to sign-up - Send a brief cover letter describing your area(s) of expertise to Include an up-to-date curriculum vitae (C.V.) or resume in an electronic format, such as MS Word or PDF; contact information for three attorneys or professionals with whom you’ve worked as a consulting expert; proof of educational / professional achievements / memberships reflected on C.V. / resume; and a competitive rate schedule for work through ForensisGroup.

Payment - ForensisGroup sends out checks to experts on the 15th and 30th of each month after payment has been received from the client. Experts requiring immediate payment must specify unique arrangements (i.e. - replenishment retainers) so the client and company are fully aware of the expert’s needs.

Additional Information - ForensisGroup produces a montly newletter with information from experts and industry professions. To subcribe, email



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