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Gerson Lehrman Group

About the Network - Gerson Lehrman Group is one of the largest and best known expert networks in the world. With over 150,000 consultants in virtually every industry, the network provides primary research capabilities to many, if not most, Fortune 1000 companies, institutional investors, venture capitalists and management consultancies.

Consultant Profile - Consultants come from virtually every industry and virtually every level of an organization, from engineers and accountants, to managers and chief financial officers. The network is organized into different councils, each covering a specific industry. Consultants move through different levels of experience with GLG as they gain experience, from Council Member to Educator, Scholar and finally Leader.

How It Works - Clients contact their representative at GLG to request a specific knowledge set. GLG representative search their data base and send out inquiries with detailed knowledge based questions to their network of experts. Once GLG has indentified a set of experts, they forward them on to their clients for approval. Clients select the expert and time they wish to speak. GLG handles all billing and collections.
Opportunities - Telephone consultations, in-person meetings, roundtable discussions and surveys.

How to sign-up - Experts can enroll using an online application form. Experts begin the process by selecting a council or area of expertise. The enrollment process is fairly simple and straight foward. Members are required to sign a terms and condition document with an electronic signature.
Payment - Once an engagement has been completed, council members (as GLG calls experts), must sign-on to their account and issue an electronic request for payment. Payments are made via check or direct deposit, whichever the expert selects. Payment is made within 30 days of the request for payment.

Additional Information - GLG is the industry leader among expert networks in the United States. 



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