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 About the network - HackHands was founded in 2013 at the New York WeWork Labs space as an independent spin-off of 6PS Group, a Brazilian web development company. The original idea for HackHands came from two Brazilian technology entrepreneurs, Geraldo Ramos and Assis Antunes, with American Forest Good. The idea was to provide an online technology mentoring platform for computer programmers and coders, serviced by a global network of subject-matter experts

On July 9, 2015, Pluralsight, an online education company, announced it had acquired HackHands] in order to expand its capabilities beyond video tutorials and assessments,.

Consultant Profile - Most experts are top contributors on StackOverflow, active members within their software communities, instructors at the best schools/bootcamps or just passionate about helping other programmers. Many have full-time jobs and are doing this on-the-side to give-back and help others. 

How It Works -Clients submit their questions via an online form. Questions are shared with experts in real-time. Expert provide advice free of charge for the first 5 minutes. If the consultation lasts longer than 5 minutes, experts are paid by the minute until the client is satisfied.  Sessions are conducted via the Hack.Hands platform which has the ability to conduct video/audio chat, contains a bi-directional code editor and screen sharing so clients can quickly get the help they need. After each session, clients provide ratings for their consultants. The platform also allows clients to select specific experts by name.
Opportunities - Online consultations via an interactive platform.

How to sign-up - Experts can enroll using hack.hands online application
Payment - Earnings start at $1/minute. Experts can earn up to $5/min plus tips via requests from the hack.hands() service. These are open requests, which are broadcasted in real time. If you are the first expert to respond, you will be immediately sent to a collaborative session which includes Audio/Video chat and Screen Share. 

Experts can also charge their own per minute rate via "Preferred Requests", which they can manage in their profile settings. Clients also have the capability of "tipping" consultants for excellent work.

Payouts are made on a weekly basis via PayPal. Payouts will be received within 14 days of the date of earnings were made. 

Additional Information - On July 9, 2015, Pluralsight, an online education company announced it had acquired HackHands] in order to expand its capabilities beyond video tutorials and assessments, providing live assistance for technology learners. 



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