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Insight Alpha

About the Network - Insight Alpha is an India focused expert network headquarted in New Dehli. The network provides research services to investors by providing access to a network of front-line experts. The network covers Financial & Business Services, Consumer Goods & Services, Energy & Industrials, Healthcare, Real Estate, Technology, and Media & Telecommunications.

Consultant Profile - Senior level executives, managers, scientists, professors, lawyers, doctors, consultants and other professionals, who provide timely, accurate and insightful information on the industries in which they work.

How It Works - Clients define research requests with the help of Insight Alpha. The network searches its database for experts and, in parallel, searches for experts through multiple channels. When 
they find relevant experts they briefly interview them to determine their knowledge and interest in the research project at hand. 
Clients review the credentials of the candidates. Insight Alpha coordinates discussions between clients and experts and solicits feedback from clients. Insight Alpha handles all billing and collection activities.

Opportunities - Phone consultations, surveys, market studies, round table discussions, private visits, master classes, and seminars.

How to sign-up - Experts can enroll using an online application.
Payment - Experts are paid an unspecified hourly rate for telephonic consultations. Longer projects are paid on a daily rate and dependent on an expert's field and experience.

Additional Information - Insight Alpha also has an office in Singapore.



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