About the Network - Intota is an expert witness and consulting firm that provides experts in over 30,000 areas of science, engineering, medicine, regulation and business. Services include product development consulting, technology consulting, and manufacturing consulting. Intota also provides consultants for expert witness testimony, litigation support, research services, market research, supplier research, and company research.

Consultant Profile - The Intota expert network is divided into four broad categories. The first category consists of professors, scientists, physicians, and researchers from academic institutions, national labs, and research facilities in North America and Europe. The second category includes top retired professionals from a wide variety of technical and business disciplines. In the third category, there are experts currently practicing medicine or currently employed in industry with an authorization from their employer, if necessary, to participate in the expert network. The last category consists of independent and experienced consultants in a wide variety of technical, scientific, medical, and business disciplines. Experts typically have advanced academic degrees and twenty or more years of practical experience in their area of expertise.  Many have patents and publications in their name, and have consulted on their own for many years.

How It Works -Clients submit an expert request via an online form or search a directory of experts. Once the expert(s) have been identified, the network schedules a free conversation so client and expert can evaluate the opportunity to work together. If both the client and expert agree, an agreement documenting the arrangements is signed, and they begin working together.
Opportunities - Quick consultations, in person meetings, witness testimony, litigation support, and research.

How to sign-up - Experts can enroll using Intota's online application.
Payment - Quick consulting engagements are paid on a fixed fee basis.

Project based consultations are negotiated between Intota and the expert. Payment processing is handled via Intota's online payment request system. Processing times are not listed on the website.



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