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About the Network - JustAnswer is a direct to the consumer expert network that provides one-on-one advice on a wide range of topics - from medical and legal to car repair and homework. Since 2003, Justanswer has provided answers to millions of questions from 145 different countries.

Consultant Profile - The thousands of Experts on JustAnswer are all verified Experts such as Doctors, Lawyers, Mechanics and Veterinarians.  Every Expert on JustAnswer has had at least one relevant credential verified by a third-party verification service.  The only exceptions are Experts on JustAnswer's Launchpad site (with "lp" in the URL) which is the testing ground for new categories.  

How it works - Clients go to and enter a question in the question box. Experts then clarify the questions via online form. After Experts reply, Clients can ask additional clarifying questions. Clients do not have to accept an answer until they are satisfied, and can continue to reply back to the Expert using the reply button until they are ready to accept.
Opportunities - Online text queries.

How to sign-up - Experts can enroll using an online application. Many areas of expertise require third party verified credentials.
Payment - Rates are set on a per question basis by the client. Once an expert's earnings reach $20, payment can be requested via paypal.



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