About the Network - Knowers is a worldwide online job marketplace and cloud platform to deliver knowledge-based services, for Home, for Work, and Life. Founded in London, the platform encourages people and companies of the world to collaborate and work online.

Consultant Profile - Knowers come from all walks of life including Doctors, Lawyers, Mechanics, Psychologists, Tax advisors, Teachers, Technicians and Veterinarians. Knowers also provide advice on gaming, fitness, health, fashion, and cooking.

How It Works - Clients can access experts worldwide, post queries online for free, and connect with specialists in any service area. The Knower's platform provides online time tracking, easy-to-use sharing, and integrated communication tools.

Experts are given a website where they can describe and deliver their services. Set-up time is minimal. The platform provides integrated communication and billing tools which allows you to focus on deliver exceptional service.
Opportunities - Online consultations.

How to sign-up - Experts can enroll using an mobile application
Payment - Knowers charges you 10% of each payment processed, with a minimum charge of €10/$10/£10 (depending on the currency used in the transaction). You can add this amount to the offer that you negotiate with the Customer. When the Customer makes the payment, knowers deducts this charge and transfers the rest to the experts' account.


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