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Leerink Swann/MEDACorp

About the Network - MEDACorp is a healthcare focused network with more than 35,000 healthcare professionals, including key opinion leaders, experienced practitioners and other healthcare professionals throughout North America, Europe, Asia and other locations around the world. This network includes approximately 55 clinical specialties, 21 basic sciences and 20 business specialties.

Consultant Profile - MEDACorp seeks network members with expertise ranging from day-to-day delivery of healthcare in a variety of environments to those with scientific, technical, regulatory, legal and administrative experience.

How It Works - MEDACorp matches clients with experts utilizing a proprietary system that also tracks interactions. MEDACorp handles introductions, scheduling, invoicing and collections.
Opportunities - One-on-one phone calls, in-person meetings, group events and surveys.

How to sign-up - Experts can enroll using an online application that takes about ten minutes to complete.
Payment - Consultants set their own hourly fees.

Additional Information - Leerlink Swann is a healthcare investment bank. Their expert network, MEDACorp, has been in existence for over 15 years.



Online Application

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