Legal Nurse

About the Network - In 2015, in response to the high demand of attorneys in need of testifying expert witnesses,  Laura M. Averette launched NurseExpert, Inc., an expert witness, recruitment, and location service. Legal Nurse works with several attorneys who need an analysis or a second look at the chronology prepared by their paralegal.  Many paralegals are very adept at summarizing medical records into a chronology.  However, most are not clinically trained as nurses, and therefore, they may miss the clinical relevance of some medical information and other nuances within a case. This is where Legal Nurse provides value.

Consultant Profile - A nurse expert is a nurse who evaluates the care and treatment provided by other nurses against the legal standard of care.  An expert formulates an opinion in support or against the care provided.  After formulating an opinion, the opinion is expressed in writing such as an affidavit, through deposition or during a trial in a court of law.

How It Works -Nurses and other healthcare professionals are recruited and register with NurseExpert, Inc. at no cost. Attorneys in need of experts contact NurseExpert, Inc. A referral fee is paid by the law firm and a similarly situated “match” is made. The expert is referred to the attorney.
Opportunities - Expert nurses evaluate expert disclosures, review policies and procedures, write interrogatoris, and perform medical literature research.

How to sign-up - Nurses can enroll using an online application.
Payment - Quick consulting engagements are paid on a fixed fee basis. Project based consultations are negotiated between Intota and the expert. Payment processing is handled via Intota's online payment request system. Processing times are not listed on the website.



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