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About the Network - Founded in August 2014 and based in the UK, Lxpert is a marketplace where local IT specialists help consumers solve IT or technology related problems. IT experts (called lxperts) can aid consumers with anything from providing independent advice, through setting up, fixing or upgrading digital devices (e.g. computers, tablets, smart TVs and gadgets etc), to teaching consumers how to use them on a one-to-one basis. All experts are vetted.

Consultant Profile - IT experts who can provide excellent service to customers. Experts are not only appropriately skilled, but share a passion for great service.


The Ideal IT expert has the following qualities:

  • Relevant technical skills, knowledge and qualifications

  • Integrity, honesty and professionalism

  • Enthusiasm for IT and technologiesA passion for helping people and serving the local community

  • Excellent communication skills, including the ability to explain complex technical concepts in layman's terms

  • Strong customer focusAn open mind and a strong desire to learn, grow and explore

How It Works - Consumers use a search tool to find local IT experts. Consumers provide a brief description of the problem, then choose when and where they want the consultation to take place. (e.g. home, office or a convenient local meeting venue) Lxpert matches requirements to a selection of local experts from their database of appraised and carefully chosen IT specialists. Consumers can see details of expert's skills, qualifications and specializations, the price per hour he or she charges, plus customer ratings, and reviews. 

Consumers can secure an appointment by agreeing to pay the first hour of consulting services. On arriving at the agreed meeting location, experts assess the problem and, in most cases, specify a solution right away. If the solution takes longer than the initial hour, experts charge at their hourly rate.
Once the consultation is complete, the expert issues an invoice via Lxpert. If there are any agreed extra charges, consumers pay the outstanding amount online via Paypal.

Opportunities - Local consultations.

How to sign-up - Experts register an account and submit an application online. Once approved, expert can post a profile online, provide professional credentials, and set their consulting rates.
Payment - There is a fixed 8% customer service charge paid by the customer and a standard 6% expert service charge paid by the expert.



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