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Maven Research

About the Network - Founded by three research and technology experts with over 60 years combined experience, Maven Research connects clients with knowledgeable experts for the rapid exchange of expertise, perspective, and opinion. Experts include individuals from all professional backgrounds, geographies, and functional roles. 

Consultant Profile - Maven Research experts come from all walks of life, all georgraphies and all functional roles. Probably one of the most "open" networks in the expert community that still has a strong professional reputation.

How It Works - Clients search the network for experts who can answer their professional questions. After finding relevant experts, the client sends invitations to participate in a telephone consultation or a survey. Experts receive these invitations and decide whether or not they can help. If both parties agree, experts take part in the consultation or survey, and are compensated for their time.
Opportunities - Telephone consultations and custom surveys.

How to sign-up - Experts (called Mavens), can enroll using an online application.  
Payment - Experts set their own rates for telephonic consultations. They have a calculator on their site to help you decide what to charge. Surveys are paid at a flat fee.

Additional Information - Maven Research, Inc. has a strategic alliance with Business Connect China.



Online Application

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