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Mednick Associates

About the Network - Mednick Associates provides attorneys and insurance companies access to a preeminent, nationwide network of board certified medical experts. For over 20 years their medical expert witnesses have been trusted with numerous medical malpractice, personal injury, mass tort, class action and other medically related cases. The network has 2,500 expert witness members nationwide.

Consultant Profile - Consultants come from most medical specialties including Orthopedic Experts, Surgery Experts, Neurology Experts, OBGYN Experts, Pulmonary Experts, Oncology Experts, Cardiology Experts, Trauma Experts, Dental Experts, Dermatology Experts, Geriatric Experts, Nursing Experts, and Gastroenterology Experts.

How It Works - Nursing staff review the facts of each case, thoroughly understand the issues and clarify any medically related questions.
Next, Mednick staff search for, speak to and conflict screen the experts that best match the needs of the case. After an expert is chosen, the case is expedited to the expert for the initial review and opinion.

A designated case manager ensures the case is completed in a timely fashion. Any additional work is expedited, and Mednick assists with all scheduling issues to make sure the case testimony is being handled efficiently.

Opportunities - Experts are available for Independent Medical Exams, Trial and Deposition Testimony, Document Signatures, Written Reports & Additional Medical Expert Witness Services.

How to sign-up - Experts can apply via a detailed online questionnaire, two references, an attached cv, rate schedule, and optional phone.

Payment - Rates are set by experts. 



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