About the Network - Mercurr matches entrepreneurs who are expanding their business abroad with the best and most relevant local experts. Mercurr helps entrepreneurs find relevant contacts who share their culture and speak their language. Mercurr is based in Paris and Hong Kong.

Consultant Profile - Mercurr professionals bring a wealth of experience and skill to help entrepreneurs expand their business. Every professional has a proven track-record of helping top startups & SMEs launching products or services on time and on budget.

How It Works - Entrepreneurs submit a project request via an online protal. Requests generally take less than 5 minutes to formulate. Entrepreneurs are asked which ecosystem they are interested in, provide basic background information, and explain what or who they are looking for. Request are generally processed within 48 hours. Entrepreneurs are given a short list of candidates and Mercurr sets up an introductory meeting to finalize the scope, duration, and other particulars of the engagement. 

Opportunities - Start-up engagements for accountants, lawyers, marketing professionals, HR professionals, localization experts, and connectors.

How to sign-up - Complete an online application.

Payment - Mercurr collects a commision for successful engagements.

Additional Information - The website, which appears to be in beta, is vague on specifics. 



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