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About the Network - AlphaSights is a professional services firm employing several hundred professionals in 9 offices around the world, including San Francisco, New York, London, Hamburg, Dubai, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Seoul, and Tokyo. Clients are decision-makers at major corporations, investment funds, strategy consultancies, and non-profits. Use cases include, but are not limited to, Go-To-Market Planning, best practices, and new product development.

Consultant Profile - AlphaSights does not maintain a network of experts but acts as a "knowledge" search firm to identify the needed expertise on a bespoke basis.

How It Works - AlphaSights conducts bespoke searches and vets all experts taking into consideration their clients' specific requirements. Ninety percent of all interactions take place within 72 hours of initial briefing. Clients interact directly with Experts via phone, in-person meetings, and full-day workshops.

Opportunities - Phone calls, interviews, discussion groups, and in-person meetings. Engagement includes both short and longterm assignments.

Payment - Not disclosed.

American Medical Forensic Specialists

Expert Witness

About the Network - Founded in 1990, American Medical Forensic Specialists (AMFS) provides authoritative medical experts to legal counsel and insurance companies. AMFS has provided experts in more than 15,000 malpractice and personal injury cases. The company is based in Emeryville, California, and is privately held.

Consultant Profile - Consultants are physicians, nurses, life care planners, and valuation economists. Candidates must be board-certified and actively practicing. Medical-legal work should make up no more than 3 to 5 percent of their overall income. AMFS has more than 8,500 expert physicians in 250 specialties around the country.

How It Works - Clients contact AMFS with a brief synopsis of the medical issues present in the case they are pursuing. An inhouse Medical Director assists the client in clarifying the medical issues and recommends specific medical specialties to perform the in-depth medical analysis and testimony.

Clients then supply the relevant medical records and specific questions to be answered. The inhouse medical director conducts an initial review of the information and arranges to have the information reviewed by members of the multidisciplinary Physician advisory panel.
Within 10 days, the reviewing physician contacts the client to discuss the merits of the case. Following the initial review, AMFS can provide a certificate of merit that is required in some jurisdictions.

At this point, AMFS assists clients by interviewing experts on behalf of the clients and helping them in the selection process. The relevant medical issues in the case are presented to prospective Medical experts by inhouse physicians. To ensure objectivity, cases are presented "blind" so the prospective expert does not know whether the client is the defendant or plaintiff.

Once chosen, the expert provides an estimate of the time required for each required task. AMFS handles billing and collections as well as overall project management.

Opportunities - Research, testimony, radiology reviews, age of injury reports, life care plans, and independent medical examinations.

How to sign-up - Prospective Experts can complete an online form and supply a copy of their resume. Resumes should be thick with lectures, papers, and grants in full detail, not abbreviated. Alternatively, Experts can call AMFS at (800) 275-8903 to learn more about their organization, requirements, and needs.

Payment - Rates are negotiated.

Apex Leaders


About the Network - Apex Leaders is a knowledge-providing firm that specializes in connecting private equity firms with highly qualified advisors. Their team of experts provides a range of services to meet the unique needs of their clients, including evaluating potential deals, exploring new sectors, advancing portfolio companies, and finding the best board placements. They go beyond traditional expert networks by hand-picking current and former executives to provide exclusive advice, and have completed over 5400 successful engagements with an average advisor score of 4.5 out of 5. Their process involves meeting with clients to understand their needs, thoroughly researching and interviewing potential advisors or candidates, facilitating introductions, and following through to ensure success. They strive to be long-term partners with their clients and offer a range of private equity consulting services customized to their needs.

Consultant Profile - Industry leaders across all industry sectors.

How It Work - Apex Leaders offers a straightforward process for connecting private equity firms with highly qualified advisors. Here's how it works:

  • Initial Phone Call: When your experience aligns with a relevant engagement, Apex Leaders will contact you to describe the project and ensure it's a good fit. This initial call typically lasts around 10 minutes.

  • One-Click Registration: If the project seems like a good fit, Apex Leaders will send you a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) registration link. You can then upload your resume, and Apex Leaders will present you to the client for consideration. This process takes just a few minutes.

  • Client Consultation: Finally, Apex Leaders will arrange a phone consultation with the client and provide any support you might need. This consultation typically lasts around an hour.

Opportunities - Engagements range from brief phone calls designed to shine light on investors’ blind spots to long-term partnerships where advisors help investors navigate the nuances of deal. Advisors also help clients post-transaction by serving on Boards or advising their portfolio companies.

Apex Leaders compensates advisors for the first call with a client based on an hourly rate. Subsequent calls are negotiated between the advisor and the private equity firm. After the initial call, Apex Leaders sends every advisor an invoice form and payment is processed within 3 weeks. They also provide the opportunity for advisors to rate their experience working with Apex Leaders. They use this feedback to improve the quality of their interactions with advisors in the future.



About the Network - Arbolus is a tech start-up that has developed an A.I-based professional networking software to improve the way clients and professionals interact. Founded in 2018, Arbolus connects forward-thinking businesses like consulting companies and private equity funds to industry professionals who are experts in their fields. Arbolus' technology helps clients source the right professionals and enables multiple methods of gathering information and unique data points. The company recently launched ArbolusCanopy, a tool that allows clients to quickly access insights through a video platform. Arbolus has received $15 million in series-A funding from investors including Element Ventures, Fuel Ventures, and Silicon Valley Bank. The company's mission is to make the world's offline knowledge digitally accessible and searchable for the first time.

Consultant Profile - Industry leaders that are successful or influential within a particular industry, who set standards for the rest of the industry to follow, and are often seen as the go-to source for information and expertise within their field. Industry leaders may be large, well-established individuals that have been around for many years, or they may be newer entrants that have quickly risen to the top through innovative ideas and practices. 

How It Works - The Arbolus platform helps experts share their industry expertise with the world's most forward-thinking businesses.

Step 1. Register: First, experts sign up for the platform and create a profile that showcases their skills and experience.

Step 2. Get Assigned to a Project: When a business is looking for an expert in their field, the Arbolus team will review their profile and match them with a project that aligns with their expertise.

Step 3. Share Their Knowledge: Experts engage with the business through video calls or other forms of communication, sharing their knowledge and insights on the topic at hand.

Step 4. Earn: As experts complete projects and share their knowledge, they'll earn income through the platform. It's a simple way to leverage their expertise and make an impact on the world's most innovative businesses.

Engagement agreements are negotiated at rates set by the advisor and invoices are managed directly on the platform.

Payment - Consultants negotiate engagement agreements priced at their own rates and manage their invoices directly on the platform.



About the Network - Arches is a human capital sharing platform that is used by businesses in the Asia Pacific region to connect with subject matter experts. The focus of Arches is on sharing knowledge to support businesses in making strategic decisions. Businesses can use Arches to access the knowledge and insights of industry experts for the purpose of innovating, entering new markets, understanding risks, and evaluating business opportunities. The goal of Arches is to help businesses succeed and grow through the power of shared expertise.ork -

Consultant Profile - Arches' consultants are seasoned professionals with a wealth of experience across a range of industries. Their functional expertise spans across executive management, business development, operations, purchasing, research & development, marketing, and IT. These experts have a proven track record of success in driving results and improving efficiencies within organizations. They bring valuable insights and guidance to clients seeking to improve their operations and achieve their business goals. Arches' consultants have worked with a variety of industries including consumer goods & retail, manufacturing & industrial, high tech, IT & telecom, logistics & warehouse, banking & financial services, healthcare, energy, education, oil & gas, public policy, real estate, and new tech (AI / 5G / IoT, etc). With their diverse backgrounds and expertise, our Arches' consultants are well-equipped to provide valuable support and guidance to clients across a wide range of industries.

How It Works - Here's a breakdown:

  • Register as an Expert: To get started, experts will need to register on our platform. This is a simple process that involves filling out a registration form. Registration is completely free.

  • Receive a Consultation Request: Once experts have registered, we'll keep an eye out for projects that match their expertise. When we identify a suitable project, we'll contact experts to let them know about it.

  • Share your Expertise: If the client is interested in speaking with experts, we'll set up a call so they can share any insights they may have. This is their chance to share their knowledge and experience with the client and offer valuable guidance.

Opportunities - Hourly, daily, and project-based engagements helping top firms around the world solve business problems.

Payment - Arches will provide the average hourly rate for similar consultations  Experts are free to set their rates using the average compensation as a guideline. Consultants are paid the end of the month following their consultation.

Aristotle Circle

Professional Services

About the Network - Founded by Suzanne Rheault, an experienced Equity Research Analyst, Aristotle Circle connects parents with top admissions professionals, guidance counselors, school administrators, financial aid advisors, and child development experts in their fields. The network helps parents navigate their child's educational development from pre-school through graduate school and eventual entry into the workforce.

Consultant Profile - Experts include former Ivy League admissions directors, award-winning authors, former financial aid officers, nationally renowned college and private school admissions experts, athletic coaches, and recruiters from First Division and Ivy League schools, guidance counselors, as well as early learning and child psychologists.

How it Works - Consultations are based on parents' needs. Parents provide information on the age of the child, schools they're interested in, the services they are interested in, method of contact, any special considerations, and the date they would like to get started with the process.  Aristotle Circle will review this information and provide a list of 3 to 5 experts along with information on their education, specialties, counseling experience, admissions experience, and hourly rates. Once experts have been selected, the network sets-up an interview and holds payment in escrow until the consultation has been completed.

Opportunities - Consultations may be conducted on the telephone, in person, or via email.

Payment - Varies

Asia CEO Network


About the Network - Asia CEO Network is an Asia-based research firm that connects global clients with leading Asia-based professional experts. Founding members include Peter Birch, a specialist in market entry strategies including greenfield start-ups, joint ventures, strategic alliances, and acquisitions; Brian Thom, experienced business management and strategic marketing expert with 30 years of experience in Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Korea; Alex Bowden, a leading marketing executive based in Bangkok; and Janette Dixon, a former medical scientist with extensive experience in biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, and clinical diagnostics.

Consultant Profile - Consultants range from "grass-roots" level experts all the way through to board members. Featured consultants include a former President of Pepsi Cola Korea and a former Senior Executive Vice President at Krung Thai Bank in Thailand.

How It Works - When Asia CEO Network receives a project inquiry, they select experts with relevant background and experience to present to their client. Clients then choose one or all of the experts referred to them. The network then facilitates communication and handles invoicing and collections.

Opportunities - Not specified beyond "advisory services." Presumably telephone or in-person consultations.

Payment - Payment typically processed 30 days after the completion of a project.

Atheneum Partners


About the network - Atheneum is a global expert platform and research firm which connects consulting firms, investment houses, and corporations with the world’s most relevant experts while ensuring the highest compliance standards are met. Thanks to the Atheneum Expert Platform (AEP), complemented by custom recruitment, clients can gain the latest and most in-depth insights and empower their decision making.

Consultant profile - Atheneum offers access to thousands of registered and screened subject matter experts across 8 main industries:  Health Care, Industrials & Transportation, Energy & Utilities, Technology, Media & Entertainment, Financial Institutions, Consumer Goods, Materials & Natural Resources, and Public Policy, and in more than 7,000 niche markets.

How it works - A client contacts Atheneum with a specific project request and Atheneum engages the most relevant experts, while managing the end-to-end process. Clients can connect directly with the experts via phone or in-person or Atheneum can engage the expert on the client’s behalf.

Opportunities - Conference calls, webinars, in-person interviews, in-person meetings, interview execution & transcripts, expert-backed reports, expert surveys, target screening, data tracking, workshops, on-site visits, interim placements, permanent placements, advisory board placements, keynote speakers.

Payment - Contact Atheneum for further information.

Axon Advisors


About the Network - Based in Indianapolis, Indiana, Axon Advisors provides on-demand access to subject matter experts from around the world using qualitative and quantitative information gathering methodologies. According to their website, they have a 96% success rate in matching clients with the right subject matter experts.

Consultant Profile - Experts come from a wide range of backgrounds including manufacturing, construction, natural resource, mining, trade, transportation, utilities, financial services, education, health, information, leisure, hospitality, and professional and business services.

How It Works - Clients contact Axon to identify the right consultant(s) for their project(s).

How It Works - Potential candidates schedule a telephone interview with Axon to learn more about the organization and how their expertise might be applicable.

Opportunities - Opportunities include telephone interviews, in-person interviews, online focus groups, onsite focus groups, site visits, placement, online surveys, and automated phone surveys.

How to sign-up - Complete an online contact form to schedule an interview with Axon Advisors.

Payment - Rates are not disclosed on the website.


Professional Services

About the Network - Founded by Ryan Himmel, a former equity research analyst in the Semiconductor and Enterprise Hardware groups at Cowen & Company, BIDaWIZ provides tax advice to individuals and businesses in the United States.

Consultant Profile - Consultants are accounting, tax, and finance professionals. All have US University Degrees, are licensed in their field, and have a minimum of two years of experience. All applicants undergo a background screening to ensure licensure and education.

How It Works - Clients select a category of advice (e.g. personal tax, business tax, accounting) and State. Clients then type in their questions. Experts have the option of asking additional questions for clarification, then bid for the opportunity to answer the question. Clients then select their experts and begin communication. Once the client is satisfied with the answer, the expert is paid. Once the engagement is complete, the expert is rated on a star system.

Opportunities - Telephonic and written consulting engagements.

Payment - Experts bid on questions. BIDaWIZ takes 50% of what experts receive as a referral payment. BIDaWIZ handles billing and collections. Payments are made on the 1st and the 15th via PayPal. Bonuses may be given by BIDaWIZ to consultants based on their performance.


Healthcare Life Sciences

About the Network - BTHT is a healthcare-focused company that provides a tailored and efficient research process to its clients. Its teams and partners are composed of health and business professionals, and its network of experts is sourced from the most exclusive networks. BTHT is dedicated to providing premium expertise and a flawless process to its clients in the healthcare industry.

Consultant Profile - Expertise in a variety of sectors including healthcare providers such as physicians, nurses, pharmacists, and physiotherapists who have experience in administering care to patients. Consultants from academia, including clinical trial researchers and lab directors, also offer extensive knowledge of research and development in the field. Payer administrators, including hospital C-suite executives and procurement leaders. In addition, experts in regulation, electronic medical records, and data science.

How It Works - In order to ensure a seamless experience for clients, BTHT follows a unique process that includes defining a project's needs, validating expert consultants, scheduling consultations, and providing post-match support. Through this process, BTHT aims to provide tailored solutions to clients' pressing questions and needs.

Opportunities - Consultation services to clients through various forms of communication, including phone, email, and face-to-face meetings. These consultations can range from short-term projects to long-term advisory or employment relationships. The company also provides written deliverables and reports to clients as part of their consultation services.

Payment - Payment methodology is not defined on the company's website.

Business Talent Group


About the Network - Business Talent Group (BTG) provides on-demand consulting services to a wide variety of industries including pharma, biotech, e-commerce, insurance, consumer goods, energy, financial services, healthcare, hospitality, industrial, life science, media, entertainment, government, private equity, retail, services, and technology. BTG's on-demand consulting engagements include corporate strategy development, project leadership, finance, human resources, marketing, sales, operations, procurement, mergers, and acquisitions. BTGs services include a private project bidding platform, client services, and corporate practices that support consulting engagements at competitive prices.

Consultant Profile - Consultants, subject matter experts, operators, and executives hail from Big 3 consulting firms, boutique and specialty firms, and Fortune’s 50  companies. 67% have hands-on experience in both consulting and operations. 78% have held director roles or higher at major corporations. 70% have worked internationally.

How It Works - Clients call, post, or chat details of their projects, ideal consultant, budget, and timelines. Clients choose consultants or teams of experts from a curated slate of talent that best meet their needs. Consultants can be deployed onsite or work remotely.

Opportunities - Consultants participate in remote and onsite consultations based on client needs. Beyond access to clients, BTG provides resources, incentives, and discounts to support independent consultants on both BTG and non-BTG projects. Benefits include referral bonuses for projects, feedback and coaching, access to additional talent for team projects, professional development opportunities, an exclusive Allstate insurance solution, and supporting resources for research and graphic design.

Payment - Payment process is not specifically discussed on the website.

Catalant Expert Network


About the Network - Catalant Expert Network is a technology platform that connects businesses with experts. Founded in 2013, Catalant was originally known as Hourly Nerd and focused on small and medium-sized businesses and recent graduates from top 40 schools. In 2016, the platform was rebranded under the name Catalant and operates services that focus primarily on enterprise-sized clients and more senior, full-time consultants.

Consultant Profile - Catalant serves independent consultants, business experts, boutique firms, and other teams. Catalant reviews all complete profiles and grants immediate bidding access to users whose backgrounds and expertise align with their clients’ needs.

How It Works - Clients post projects on their platform, detailing their project needs, desired expert qualifications, and estimated timeline and budget for services. Experts browse Catalant for active project postings and bid on projects they are interested in and well-suited to execute.
Clients review bids received and select experts to hire for the project.

In addition to experts discovering projects on their own, Catalant’s proprietary matching algorithm works to match experts with projects based on their profiles. When there is a match between a project and an expert, the expert will receive an invitation to place a bid for the project through the Catalant platform.

Opportunities - Projects range from a few hours to several months of work. Businesses leverage Catalant to find an affordable, flexible solution to almost any business challenge, including:

Business Plans
Company Valuation
Competitive Analysis
Financial Projections & Analysis
Marketing Analysis and Research
Market Collateral
Marketing Plans
New Market Entry Plans
Performance Metrics & Benchmarks
Pitch Decks
Pricing Analysis and Advice
Social Media Advisory Services

Payment - Experts set their own rates. Projects are fixed bid with payment released on the achievement of milestones. Payment is held in escrow until milestones are met.



About the Network - Clarity is a marketplace that connects entrepreneurs with top advisors & industry experts to conduct market research, get strategic business advice, or learn a specialized skill to help them grow their business.

Consultant Profile - Consultants help entrepreneurs and business owners grow their businesses, raising capital, help sell businesses, or perform market research.

How It Works - Prospective clients search Clarity's community of experts to find the right one. They Select 3 dates and times that work best for their schedule and specify a reason for the call. The expert has 72 hours to respond, or the request will expire. Clients receive a confirmation email with a conference line and access code. Clients can invite up to 8 others from their team to dial in as well.

At the specified time, clients and experts call the conference line provided in the confirmation email. After the call, clients will be charged the expert’s per-minute rate, and they get paid. Clients can then leave a rating and review for the expert.

Opportunities - Telephone consultations.

Payment - Experts set their own rates and are billed by the minute. The average rate is $1.60 per minute which works out to be $50 for a half-hour, the typical time frame for a call.

Clear Capital

Professional Services

About the Network - Co-founders Duane Andrews and Kevin Marshall founded Clear Capital after the success of their first venture, REONetworks (Formerly Broker Price Opinion (BPO). Clear Capital provides real estate Appraisals, Broker Price Opinions, Home Data Indexes, Property Condition Reports, and Value Reconciliations.

Consultant Profile - Expert consultants are fully-licensed real estate appraisers, brokers, and agents.

How It Works - When a valuation or inspection request enters the Clear Capital system from the customer, they clean and research the address to make sure an expert can locate the property. They then send a single e-mail and/or text message to one field expert at a time. Each field expert has several minutes to review the job and choose whether he or she would like to accept it before another field expert is e-mailed. The first person to log into his account from any computer or mobile device and click "Accept" receives the order. All orders are completed online with their easy-to-use form. Completed valuations are reviewed by Clear Capital staff and, if necessary, sent back to the field expert for clarification. Valuations are then sent to the client.

Opportunities - Appraisals, Broker Price Opinions, Property Condition Reports, and Value Reconciliations.

Payment - Clear Capital field experts are paid within 3 to 4 weeks of report completion.

Clear Horizon Research


About the Network - Clear Horizon Research is an expert network based in Sao Paolo, Brazil that provides primary research to European and North American Investors. The network has an operating agreement with Primary Global Research and uses their operating system to manage consultation scheduling, follow-up, billing and collections.

Consultant Profile - Experts are leading academics, engineers, product managers, resellers, sales and marketing professionals from a wide range of industries, all with expertise in Latin America.

How It Works - Clear Horizon maps out each sector, from suppliers to resellers and end users, along with the political and regulatory bodies that impact a companies business. It then recruits appropriate experts to speak with their clients in order to provide the most comprehensive information possible.

Opportunities - Telephone consultation, research reports, in person meetings.

Payment - Not disclosed on their website.


Professional Services

About the Network - Founded in 2012, Codeable is a WordPress development freelancer platform that connects world-class Wordpress coders with people in need of on-demand website support. Codeable supports thousands of businesses from startup and store owners to large businesses with mission-critical websites.

Consultant Profile - Only 2% of Wordress developers are accepted onto the platform. Developers know WordPress inside out and have strong PHP, jQuery, WordPress and HTML skills. Developers must be able to share impressive examples of their past work, must be able to meet deadlines, work well with clients, and must have implemented solutions with the majority of the most popular plug-ins.

How It Works - Clients provide a brief explanation of what is needed which can include anything from small fixes to full website development. Codeable connects clients with the appropriate developer(s) to solve the problem or develop a solution. The client is provided with a single estimate based on the average of all estimates received from experts on the platform, a developer is hired, and the project begins. Invoicing and payment are handled through the platform.

Opportunities - Projects include custom plug-in development, theme troubleshooting and fixing, website build, and e-commerce website build.

Payment - Wordpress developers are page between $70 and $120 dollars an hour depending on the complexity of the project. To avoid "race to the bottom" pricing, clients are provided with a single estimate based on the average of all developer estimates. Codeable tacks on a 17.5% charge as their share of the engagement.


Professional Services

About the Network - Codementor is an open marketplace for both instant 1:1 help and long-term mentorship. Codementor connects clients with experts for urgent issue solving, technical advice, pair programming, and code review. In addition to expert consultations, Codementor provides an extensive library of resources for developers.

Consultant Profile - Codementors are experts in web programming, coding, mobile app programming, design/ux, database/operations, and development and process tools

How It Works - Clients post requests in one of more than 800 categories including JavaScript, Ruby, PHP, CSS/HTML, iOS, Android. Advanced topics include big data, and machine learning. Codementors respond to posts in their area of expertise. Codementors provide debugging help, code review and pair programming via screen sharing, video, and text chat. Codementors are also available for longterm mentoring engagements.

Opportunities - Online consultations via an interactive platform and longterm mentoring engagements.

Payment - Codementor is an open marketplace where expert developers can set their own rates. Typically a mentor's rate starts at $10 (USD) for every 15 minutes. Some experienced mentors rates start at $50 for 15min. Occasionally a few mentors choose to work with users free of charge. There is a minimum charge of 15 minutes for each session at the mentor's rate.

Coleman Research Group


About the Network - Coleman Research Group (CRG) is an expert network service that facilitates primary research for clients by connecting them with industry experts. Clients include mutual funds, hedge funds, private equity firms, management consultancies, and law firms. CRG uses proprietary software, KnowledgeBroker®, to make the right matches between clients and experts.

Consultant Profile - Their experts include professionals from all walks of life: from middle management to executive; lawyers and doctors to University Professors. They cover many if not most industries including Business & Financial Services, Consumer Goods & Services, Healthcare, Energy & Industrials, and Technology, and Media & Telecom.

How It Works - Clients come to Coleman Research Group to conduct primary research on a topic or industry. CRG uses its proprietary software to match clients with experts. Once an appropriate match has been made, CRG reminds participants of their terms and conditions, and a call is scheduled. After the call is completed, experts log into their accounts and send invoices for their services.

Opportunities - Phone calls, conference calls, round tables, and in-person meetings.

Payment - Experts set their own rates. CRG pays via direct deposit or check. Processing times are not specified.



About the Network - COLIFT, a Hamburg-based expert network and primary research firm, connects its clients to more than 400 million business professionals globally. With an in-depth understanding of industries and key trends, the firm helps clients access relevant specialists and decision makers that can substantially contribute to their project or investment decision. The firm works worldwide and regionally, finding the right experts that fit clients' desired timeline.

Consultant Profile - Experts include a wide range of professionals from industries such as software, pharma, automotive, financial services, energy, and real estate.

How It Works - At COLIFT, experts work with the firm through a streamlined process. The process begins with the firm receiving a new project from a client. The firm then conducts a custom search using its internal database and additional sources to find the perfect fit for the project. If the firm thinks an expert's profile could be a good match, the firm reaches out to the expert to discuss all the details of the project. Once the project details have been established, the firm schedules the consultation around the expert's availability. After the consultation is done, the expert consults with the client, and upon completion of the project, the expert receives monetary compensation from COLIFT.

Opportunities - COLIFT offers a variety of engagement opportunities for its clients, including consultation, advisory, and consulting services. Consultation services include phone consultations, expert webinars, and in-person meetings. Advisory services include due diligence services and the opportunity to have access to board members and advisory board members. Consulting services include both long- and short-term engagements for professionals. These services are tailored to the specific needs of each client and are designed to provide valuable insights and support for making informed decisions and achieving their objectives.

Payment - Specific payment terms are not disclosed on the website.

ENG - Expert Network Group


About the Network - Based in New York City, Expert Network Group (ENG) provides institutional clients with highly specialized experts in all industry sectors and along every point of the supply chain. They specialize in experts not available on other services.

Consultant Profile - Less than 2% of ENG experts are executives of publicly-traded companies. Their network is comprised of former executives, private company employees & independent experts.

How It Works - ENG handles all arrangements of a consultation from start to finish, including all follow-up work. They host all events including in-person meetings, phone calls, field visits, and group meetings. Prior to any event, ENG verbally reminds all participants of compliance requirements (experts & clients). Both experts and clients must adhere to e-mail compliance riders on both call confirmation (day call gets on the calendar) & call reminder (sent day of actual call). ENG has the ability to monitor all phone calls, meetings, and events for compliance. ALL follow-up work is handled by ENG to further manage compliance risk. Interactions that are independently arranged by clients & experts initially introduced by ENG are not permitted.

Opportunities - One-on-one phone calls, meetings, group meetings, and field visits.

Payment - Payment is negotiated on a project by project basis. Payments are made on the 15th of each month. Experts are paid in increments of 5 minutes. The method of payment is not specified on their website.



About the Network - Enquire is a platform that aims to improve the knowledge efficiency of organizations. By utilizing a combination of AI, data science, and human intelligence, it delivers context and analysis in a faster manner than other expert knowledge platforms. The platform strives to provide clients with a wide range of perspectives to assist in decision-making. Additionally, it offers clients the freedom and trust to explore issues in their own way.

Consultant Profile - Experts from a broad range of industries, regions, and experience levels.

How It Works - Enquire operates differently from other platforms in two significant ways. Firstly, the platform allows clients to access the entire online network independently, enabling them to directly invite experts for calls or other projects. This eliminates the need for a middleman, providing a more direct approach for clients to connect with experts.

Secondly, Enquire's flagship product, Network Pulse, enables experts to showcase their profiles and expertise to clients who are reviewing answers to their Network Pulse. This feature provides experts with increased visibility and direct engagement with clients. Additionally, experts have the opportunity to earn compensation for their short-responses, which typically take 5-10 minutes to write, and can be done on their own schedule.

Enquire operates by allowing clients to type up a question, which typically consists of a few short sentences spread across no more than 3 subparts. The client then selects relevant keywords such as regional relevance, expertise, industry segment, and more, and submits the question through the platform.

Opportunities - Short 800 character answers called pulses, paid at a flat rate, and longer engagements where experts set their own rates.

Payment - Enquire offers different compensation for various engagements. Typically, a 1-hour call is compensated at $200-$400, while larger-scale projects can be compensated up to $1,000, depending on the work required. These rates are negotiable.

For Network Pulses, the compensation rates are non-negotiable and determined by the rapidness of the expert's response, as well as the number of approved answers received. 

The platform uses Payoneer as its payment processor, experts are required to register on Payoneer while completing their profile on the platform.


Professional Services

About the Network - Based in the Harvard Innovation Lab, Experfy was created with the purpose of providing human talent to help organizations optimize their hiring of data experts and solutions providers. Experfy brings together the world's most prestigious analytics talent that not only possesses algorithmic skills but also deep domain knowledge.

Consultant Profile - Experts are analytics professionals with deep domain knowledge in one or more industries and multiple technologies. Areas of focus include Customer Analytics, Marketing Analytics, Market Research, Web Analytics, Social Media & Text Analytics, Pricing & Sales Analytics, Operations, Fraud & Risk, Internet of Things, Visualizations, HR Analytics, Retail Analytics, Healthcare Analytics, Pharma & Life Sciences, and Sports Analytics. Technology includes Big Data & Technology, Business Intelligence & Data Warehousing, Data Integration & Management, Predictive Analytics & Forecasting, AWS & Cloud, Data-Driven Apps, and Mobility & Analytics.

How It Works - Experts register, login, and create a profile. Experts can build both company profiles or individual profiles. Profiles should include your experience, education, and other credentials that inspire confidence in your abilities. You can also record a video pitch to better engage potential clients.

Experts can collaborate using an enterprise-ready dashboard and data tools to create a private work environment to collaborate with clients through an on-site messaging system and file sharing. Experts can invite existing or new team members to the ProjectRoom and use collaboration tools to deliver against specific milestones.

Opportunities - Opportunites fall into two categories - short term projects and long-term opportunities. Short term projects are listed on the website with instructions on how to apply. For long-term opportunities, contact Experfy and they will connect you with companies looking to augment their capabilities.

Payment - Experfy handles all financial transactions, sending secure payments to experts and solution providers across the globe. Payment terms for each milestone are negotiated between the client and the solutions provider. Once a milestone is met and accepted by the client, a payment is made to your account. When POs are involved, the client's contract with you dictates the payment terms.

Experfy adds a 20% service fee to your hourly or fixed price quote.


Expert Witness

About the Network - ExpertConnect was founded by the creators of American Medical Forensic Specialists (“AMFS”), an Expert Witness network that has provided medical experts to the legal community for expert research, analysis, and expert witness engagements.

ExpertConnect helps institutional investors, private equity firms, corporations, and professional service firms make better decisions. ExpertConnect clients access and leverage a robust network of Industry Consultants who are leading thinkers in their area of expertise.

Consultant Profile - Experts come from a wide variety of professions and industries. Experts have good industry knowledge, are open to unique networking opportunities, and be willing to share, teach, and mentor.

How It Works -  ExpertConnect matches analysts and portfolio managers with thought leaders and frontline industry professionals with the best insights on products, markets, companies, and trends. Clients use the network for vetting an idea or investment thesis with a leading thinker on the topic or someone on the frontline in the industry with primary insights.

They also use it to conduct due diligence to confirm industry research or management statements during the course of transaction investigation Experts also conduct tutorials to help clients understand a new product, trend, or market condition. ExpertConnect conducts surveys with a broad range of thought leaders on a matter. Experts can also conduct educational seminars in a small group setting or in private offices.

Opportunities - Consultants interact with clients through phone consultations, educational meetings and seminars, and custom surveys.

ExpertConnect also provides its clients with information from its proprietary data crawling and analysis technology.

Payment - Experts set their own rates.



About the Network - Based in Turkey, Expertera serves leading consulting, asset management, and venture capital firms by facilitating paid consultations with subject matter experts. Expertera was a sponsor of the 2013 Private Equity Internation forum in Istanbul. Past consultations have included engagements in healthcare, cosmetics, auto rentals, home textiles, direct banking, steel, and chemicals.

Consultant Profile -  Experts include executives, managers, doctors, engineers, lawyers, real estate agents, consultants, and other academic and industry professionals.

How It Works - Potential clients contact Expertera with a proposal or topic for research. After an initial consultation, Expertera agents choose subject matters experts that best meet the needs of the clients. Expertera handles all marketing, scheduling, billing, and collections.

Opportunities - Consultations are completed over-the-phone or in person.

Payment - All fees are negotiated on a case-by-case basis. Payment methodology is not specified on their website.

Experts Council


About the Network - Experts Council is a knowledge brokering platform that connects clients with operational experts for sectorial interviews. These interviews help C-Level executives and their teams save time and money by helping executives make informed decisions. Independent experts also enable clients to quickly grow their understanding of a sector and avoid possible traps. The Experts Council is based in Paris, France but provides coverage worldwide.

Consultant Profile - Consultants come from a wide variety of industries including consumer goods, digital, retail, telecom, media, and entertainment.  Job functions include purchasing, commercial, communication, strategy, plant management, general management, market research, finance, legal, marketing, HR, customer satisfaction, customer service, corporate services, facility management, and information services.

How It Works - Potential clients formulate a needs assessment and supply it to the Experts Council. Expert Councils staff work with clients to refine their needs and formulate assignments. Expert Council staff provide a list of relevant experts for client review and schedule engagements. After engagements have been completed, the Expert Council processes payments and evaluates the success of the engagement.

Opportunities - Sectorial interviews, physical appointments, skills certification, and special assignments.

Payment - Payment information not disclosed on the website.

Experts Direct


About the Network - ExpertsDirect is Australasia’s first online directory of experts, expert witnesses, consultants, and keynote speakers. ExpertsDirect is primarily intended for use by lawyers, barristers, law firms, judges and court personnel, government and law enforcement agencies, insurance companies, and others in the legal, business, insurance, and forensic communities seeking to retain experts, expert witnesses, consultants, investigators, and professional service providers.

Consultant Profile - Experts are divided into Medical and Non-Medical categories. Medical experts include all areas of practice, from Allergies to Vascular surgery. Non-Medical experts come from all walks of life, but are heavily focused in engineering and the sciences.

How It Works - Clients request experts via a webform on the ExpertsDirect website. Client requests are matched with expert profiles and clients are provided with a shortlist of candidates. Clients can compare Experts based on rates, executive summaries, links to past cases, embedded CVs, and publications. Clients select candidates based on their needs.

Opportunities - Expert reports and assessments, expert determinations, joint expert appointments.

Payment - Experts set their own rates.



About the Network - Founded in 2010, Firsthand initially focused on connecting job-seeking clients with former employees and interviewers at highly sought-after companies. The Network's services have since expanded to include admissions, test preparation, and entrepreneurship advice. Their mission is to democratize access to great expertise and advice.

Consultant Profile - While their website encourages professionals from all industries and functions to apply, their current experts are predominantly admissions professionals and business professionals involved in the hiring process.

How It Works - Potential clients search through a database of experts or submit a request for consultation. Consultations are conducted over the telephone or via email. Evisors handles marketing, scheduling, billing, and collections.

Opportunities - Email consultations, telephonic consultations via their online collaboration tool, and projects.

Payment - Experts set their own rates ranging from $50 per hour to over $400. Payments are made monthly via Paypal or Check.


Expert Witness

About the Network - Founded in 1991 by Mercy Steenwyk, ForensisGroup started with a group of ten engineers specializing in construction, engineering, and other building-related defects and damages analysis. The group has since expanded to include more than 2,000 consultants providing indepth expert witness services in business, engineering, medicine, science, and other technical disciplines.

Consultant Profile - Experts come from a wide range of backgrounds including engineers, doctors, pathologists, accountants, actuaries, and a host of other technical disciplines.

How It Works  - ForensisGroup refers experts to attorneys, self-insureds, insurance professionals, corporations, private and public agencies, as well as to other experts in need of assistance, without regard to the side they are representing. The Network handles all marketing, scheduling, billing and collections activities for experts.

Opportunities - Litigation support services including, but not limited to, accident investigations, accounting, actuarial, mergers and aquisitions, investments, insurance, finance, patents and medical reviews.

Payment - ForensisGroup sends out checks to experts on the 15th and 30th of each month after payment has been received from the client. Experts requiring immediate payment must specify unique arrangements (i.e. - replenishment retainers) so the client and company are fully aware of the expert’s needs.

FutureMinds Consulting


About the Network - Futureminds Consulting is a venture established with the aim of making information, insights & expertise easily accessible to Businesses, Institutions and Individuals. The FutureMinds platform enables clients across the globe to quickly & effectively achieve their work objectives by leveraging services of people who are subject-matter experts in their respective domains.

FutureMinds principals include professionals with advanced degrees in engineering & management from top universities. They have several years experience across organizations in Consulting, Financial Services, Technology, Automotive and Education space.

Consultant Profile - Experts in the FutureMinds Knowledge Network have direct industry experience or in-depth sectoral knowledge, thus having the subject-matter expertise to consult on up-to-date industry/sector-specific information, projects, business cases, market research, customer insights and opinion validation.

How It Works - Clients register on the FutureMinds website. After registration, an Account Manager is assigned to each client and serves as their primary point of contact. To request a service, clients complete an online form. Once complete, the account manager gets in touch with the client to assess the requirements in detail. Clients can also search Expert profiles that are hand-picked to suit specific requirements. Each profile includes detailed credentials as well as the Billing rate for the Expert.Once a client has selected an expert, the account manager informs the chosen candidate and confirms their participation at an agreed date, time & venue. Account managers ensure that the engagement is delivered seamlessly and that there are no hiccups. Once the delivery is complete, payment is processed and the expert is paid.

Opportunities - Most of the short & medium-term One-on-One Expert Consultations happen over Telephone, while few may involve in-person meetings with the Client/s. Expert Research Surveys are delivered Online or via Email, while Speaker Services/Panel Discussions may require experts to visit the specified venue/location. In case you are unavailable or not keen to participate in requests that involve in-person meetings or visiting a venue/location, you can choose to opt-out of them.

Payment - Experts set their own hourly rates. Funds are transferred directly to expert bank accounts after consultations.

Gerson Lehrman Group


About the Network - Gerson Lehrman Group is one of the largest and best known expert networks in the world. With over 150,000 consultants in virtually every industry, the network provides primary research capabilities to many, if not most, Fortune 1000 companies, institutional investors, venture capitalists and management consultancies.

Consultant Profile - Consultants come from virtually every industry and virtually every level of an organization, from engineers and accountants, to managers and chief financial officers. The network is organized into different councils, each covering a specific industry. Consultants move through different levels of experience with GLG as they gain experience, from Council Member to Educator, Scholar and finally Leader.

How It Works - Clients contact their representative at GLG to request a specific knowledge set. GLG representative search their data base and send out inquiries with detailed knowledge based questions to their network of experts. Once GLG has indentified a set of experts, they forward them on to their clients for approval. Clients select the expert and time they wish to speak. GLG handles all billing and collections.

Opportunities - Telephone consultations, in-person meetings, roundtable discussions and surveys.

Payment - Once an engagement has been completed, council members (as GLG calls experts), must sign-on to their account and issue an electronic request for payment. Payments are made via check or direct deposit, whichever the expert selects. Payment is made within 30 days of the request for payment.



About the Network - Graphite is a platform that connects clients with subject matter experts who can provide specialized knowledge and expertise. The platform is home to over 8,900 independent experts who work in various industries and can help clients in various areas of their business. Graphite has a strong track record of successful engagements, with over 3,100 successful projects completed and a customer satisfaction rating of 96%. On average, it takes just 13.5 days from initial contact to onboard the right expert, making it easy for clients to access the expertise they need quickly. The platform's experts are part of a shift towards independent work, allowing them to have more control over their careers and the work they do. Graphite's wide range of expertise and commitment to quality make it a reliable source for businesses seeking specialized knowledge and expertise.

Consultant Profile - To be considered for the network, experts should have at least two years of professional work experience in management consulting, investment banking, private equity/venture capital, corporate development, accounting, marketing, IT, data science, or a related field. 

Additionally, Graphite looks for experts who have prior work experience at large and reputable consulting firms, bulge bracket investment banks, big 4 accounting firms, leading marketing agencies, or Fortune 500 companies.

In general, Graphite is designed for people who have spent many years in management consulting or operating roles and have developed deep functional, geographic, or industry expertise in a given area. This extensive experience allows Graphite experts to provide valuable insights and expertise to clients across a wide range of industries and sectors.

How It Works - Graphite's process for connecting clients with independent subject matter experts is simple and straightforward. Here's how it works:

  1. First, clients work with a dedicated account manager to scope out their project, including the goals, budget, and timeline. This helps ensure that the project is tailored to the client's specific needs and that the right experts are brought on board.

  2. Next, clients post their projects and connect with shortlisted experts at no cost. Within 24-48 hours, Graphite delivers 2-4 curated candidates who match the client's specific needs. Clients can then interview and select the best fit.

  3. Once the expert is selected, clients can seamlessly onboard them to their projects. Graphite handles all the contracting and billing, making it easy for clients to manage hours, invoices, and payments in one location. A dedicated success team is also available to ensure that projects are on track and on budget.

Opportunities - There are many opportunities available through Graphite for independent experts to work on a variety of projects. Some examples of the types of work that happen through Graphite include:

  • Evaluation of a new market opportunity for a private equity firm

  • Interim engagement management for a consulting firm

  • Financial modeling and analytical support for a private equity investment

  • Strategic planning and growth strategy initiatives for a Fortune 500 company

Clients that post projects on Graphite include investment firms (such as private equity, venture capital, hedge funds, and mutual funds), private equity or venture capital-backed companies, professional services firms, and Fortune 2000 companies. This wide range of clients means that experts on the platform can work on a variety of projects across different industries and sectors.

Payment - The payment process for experts on the Graphite platform is straightforward. Here's how it works:

  • The pricing for a project is finalized when the client officially hires the expert on the Graphite platform. Once hired, the expert has access to project work management tools, including time tracking and invoicing.

  • Experts must log all billable work time via the "Work" tab on their active project. For fixed rate projects, experts will need to manually invoice the client using the "Send Invoice" button.

  • The Graphite platform will automatically invoice the client for the expert's logged work time on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly schedule (depending on the project and client).

  • When a client payment for an expert's invoice has been received by Graphite, the expert will be paid out the next business day via bank transfer as part of Graphite's standard daily payouts run.

HXN Health Expert Network

Healthcare Life Sciences

About the Network - The HLTH Expert Network is a healthcare-focused marketplace that connects investment professionals, journalists, and researchers with experts in the field to help them find the answers they're looking for. HXN is different because it was developed within HLTH, and includes a wide range of clinical, administrative, and technology leaders. The goal of HXN is to share the sophisticated healthcare knowledge within the network with those working on projects in and around the health industry, in order to drive precision and improve execution in areas such as deal due diligence, complex projects, and market research.

Consultant Profile - Healthcare Industry professionals with experience in all aspects of the healthcare ecosystem.

How It Works - Clients connect with a member of the HXN team to schedule an introductory call and gain a deeper understanding of their project and specific needs.

  1. HXN will recruit the right experts and provide the client with an initial list of qualified experts who have knowledge of the specified topic(s).

  2. Once confirmed, the expert will have the opportunity to consult with the client as needed to provide their insights and perspectives related to the project.

  3. HXN also hosts events such as live webinars and roundtables, where experts can share their knowledge and insights with a group of professionals.

Opportunities -  As an expert on HXN, you have the opportunity to:

  • Consult with clients one-on-one to provide them with a complete perspective on their project needs and questions.

  • Review and provide feedback on product demos and overviews shared by industry decision-makers and buyers.

  • Participate in hosted events, such as live webinars and roundtables, to share your expertise and insights with the HXN community.

  • Contribute to research and insights projects, deepening understanding of specific topics and helping clients explore new ideas and sharpen strategies.

Payment - As an expert on the HLTH Expert Network (HXN), you will be paid based on your customary consulting fees, as agreed upon by you and HXN. If you want to change your consulting fee rate, you must give written notice to HXN, and the new rate will only be applicable to projects that occur after HXN receives the notice and agrees to the new rate. You are not allowed to reveal your billing rates and financial arrangements to clients without HXN's prior written consent.

HXN's payment system may accommodate consulting guidelines set by your employer, such as joint payment to you and your employer, direct payment to your institution, or payment to a charity of your choice. You may be asked to provide your tax identification number and will receive a Form 1099 from the U.S. Internal Revenue Service. Payment will be made to you after the completion of projects, but you must submit invoices for payment within 45 days to receive payment.


Professional Services

About the network - HackHands was founded in 2013 at the New York WeWork Labs space as an independent spin-off of 6PS Group, a Brazilian web development company. The original idea for HackHands came from two Brazilian technology entrepreneurs, Geraldo Ramos and Assis Antunes, with American Forest Good. The idea was to provide an online technology mentoring platform for computer programmers and coders, serviced by a global network of subject-matter experts

On July 9, 2015, Pluralsight, an online education company, announced it had acquired HackHands] in order to expand its capabilities beyond video tutorials and assessments,.

Consultant Profile - Most experts are top contributors on StackOverflow, active members within their software communities, instructors at the best schools/bootcamps or just passionate about helping other programmers. Many have full-time jobs and are doing this on-the-side to give-back and help others.

How It Works -Clients submit their questions via an online form. Questions are shared with experts in real-time. Expert provide advice free of charge for the first 5 minutes. If the consultation lasts longer than 5 minutes, experts are paid by the minute until the client is satisfied.  Sessions are conducted via the Hack.Hands platform which has the ability to conduct video/audio chat, contains a bi-directional code editor and screen sharing so clients can quickly get the help they need. After each session, clients provide ratings for their consultants. The platform also allows clients to select specific experts by name.

Opportunities - Online consultations via an interactive platform.

Payment - Earnings start at $1/minute. Experts can earn up to $5/min plus tips via requests from the hack.hands() service. These are open requests, which are broadcasted in real time. If you are the first expert to respond, you will be immediately sent to a collaborative session which includes Audio/Video chat and Screen Share.

Experts can also charge their own per minute rate via "Preferred Requests", which they can manage in their profile settings. Clients also have the capability of "tipping" consultants for excellent work.

Payouts are made on a weekly basis via PayPal. Payouts will be received within 14 days of the date of earnings were made.

Insight Alpha


About the Network - Insight Alpha is an India focused expert network headquarted in New Dehli. The network provides research services to investors by providing access to a network of front-line experts. The network covers Financial & Business Services, Consumer Goods & Services, Energy & Industrials, Healthcare, Real Estate, Technology, and Media & Telecommunications.

Consultant Profile - Senior level executives, managers, scientists, professors, lawyers, doctors, consultants and other professionals, who provide timely, accurate and insightful information on the industries in which they work.

How It Works - Clients define research requests with the help of Insight Alpha. The network searches its database for experts and, in parallel, searches for experts through multiple channels. When 
they find relevant experts they briefly interview them to determine their knowledge and interest in the research project at hand. Clients review the credentials of the candidates. Insight Alpha coordinates discussions between clients and experts and solicits feedback from clients. Insight Alpha handles all billing and collection activities.

Opportunities - Phone consultations, surveys, market studies, round table discussions, private visits, master classes, and seminars.

Payment - Experts are paid an unspecified hourly rate for telephonic consultations. Longer projects are paid on a daily rate and dependent on an expert's field and experience.



About the Network - JustAnswer is a direct to the consumer expert network that provides one-on-one advice on a wide range of topics - from medical and legal to car repair and homework. Since 2003, Justanswer has provided answers to millions of questions from 145 different countries.

Consultant Profile - The thousands of Experts on JustAnswer are all verified Experts such as Doctors, Lawyers, Mechanics and Veterinarians.  Every Expert on JustAnswer has had at least one relevant credential verified by a third-party verification service.  The only exceptions are Experts on JustAnswer's Launchpad site (with "lp" in the URL) which is the testing ground for new categories.

How it works - Clients go to and enter a question in the question box. Experts then clarify the questions via online form. After Experts reply, Clients can ask additional clarifying questions. Clients do not have to accept an answer until they are satisfied, and can continue to reply back to the Expert using the reply button until they are ready to accept.

Opportunities - Online text queries.

Payment - Rates are set on a per question basis by the client. Once an expert's earnings reach $20, payment can be requested via paypal.



About the Network - Founded in August 2014 and based in the UK, Lxpert is a marketplace where local IT specialists help consumers solve IT or technology related problems. IT experts (called lxperts) can aid consumers with anything from providing independent advice, through setting up, fixing or upgrading digital devices (e.g. computers, tablets, smart TVs and gadgets etc), to teaching consumers how to use them on a one-to-one basis. All experts are vetted.

Consultant Profile - IT experts who can provide excellent service to customers. Experts are not only appropriately skilled, but share a passion for great service.

The Ideal IT expert has the following qualities:

  • Relevant technical skills, knowledge and qualifications

  • Integrity, honesty and professionalism

  • Enthusiasm for IT and technologiesA passion for helping people and serving the local community

  • Excellent communication skills, including the ability to explain complex technical concepts in layman's terms

  • Strong customer focusAn open mind and a strong desire to learn, grow and explore

How It Works - Consumers use a search tool to find local IT experts. Consumers provide a brief description of the problem, then choose when and where they want the consultation to take place. (e.g. home, office or a convenient local meeting venue) Lxpert matches requirements to a selection of local experts from their database of appraised and carefully chosen IT specialists. Consumers can see details of expert's skills, qualifications and specializations, the price per hour he or she charges, plus customer ratings, and reviews.

Consumers can secure an appointment by agreeing to pay the first hour of consulting services. On arriving at the agreed meeting location, experts assess the problem and, in most cases, specify a solution right away. If the solution takes longer than the initial hour, experts charge at their hourly rate.

Once the consultation is complete, the expert issues an invoice via Lxpert. If there are any agreed extra charges, consumers pay the outstanding amount online via Paypal.

Opportunities - Local consultations.

Payment - There is a fixed 8% customer service charge paid by the customer and a standard 6% expert service charge paid by the expert.


Healthcare Life Sciences

About the Network - MEDACorp is a healthcare focused network with more than 35,000 healthcare professionals, including key opinion leaders, experienced practitioners and other healthcare professionals throughout North America, Europe, Asia and other locations around the world. This network includes approximately 55 clinical specialties, 21 basic sciences and 20 business specialties.

Consultant Profile - MEDACorp seeks network members with expertise ranging from day-to-day delivery of healthcare in a variety of environments to those with scientific, technical, regulatory, legal and administrative experience.

How It Works - MEDACorp matches clients with experts utilizing a proprietary system that also tracks interactions. MEDACorp handles introductions, scheduling, invoicing and collections.

Opportunities - One-on-one phone calls, in-person meetings, group events and surveys.

Payment - Consultants set their own hourly fees.

Maven Research


About the Network - Founded by three research and technology experts with over 60 years combined experience, Maven Research connects clients with knowledgeable experts for the rapid exchange of expertise, perspective, and opinion. Experts include individuals from all professional backgrounds, geographies, and functional roles.

Consultant Profile - Maven Research experts come from all walks of life, all georgraphies and all functional roles. Probably one of the most "open" networks in the expert community that still has a strong professional reputation.

How It Works - Clients search the network for experts who can answer their professional questions. After finding relevant experts, the client sends invitations to participate in a telephone consultation or a survey. Experts receive these invitations and decide whether or not they can help. If both parties agree, experts take part in the consultation or survey, and are compensated for their time.

Opportunities - Telephone consultations and custom surveys.

Payment - Experts set their own rates for telephonic consultations. They have a calculator on their site to help you decide what to charge. Surveys are paid at a flat fee.

Mednick Associates

Expert Witness

About the Network - Mednick Associates provides attorneys and insurance companies access to a preeminent, nationwide network of board certified medical experts. For over 20 years their medical expert witnesses have been trusted with numerous medical malpractice, personal injury, mass tort, class action and other medically related cases. The network has 2,500 expert witness members nationwide.

Consultant Profile - Consultants come from most medical specialties including Orthopedic Experts, Surgery Experts, Neurology Experts, OBGYN Experts, Pulmonary Experts, Oncology Experts, Cardiology Experts, Trauma Experts, Dental Experts, Dermatology Experts, Geriatric Experts, Nursing Experts, and Gastroenterology Experts.

How It Works - Nursing staff review the facts of each case, thoroughly understand the issues and clarify any medically related questions.
Next, Mednick staff search for, speak to and conflict screen the experts that best match the needs of the case. After an expert is chosen, the case is expedited to the expert for the initial review and opinion.

A designated case manager ensures the case is completed in a timely fashion. Any additional work is expedited, and Mednick assists with all scheduling issues to make sure the case testimony is being handled efficiently.

Opportunities - Experts are available for Independent Medical Exams, Trial and Deposition Testimony, Document Signatures, Written Reports & Additional Medical Expert Witness Services.

Payment - Rates are set by experts.

NewtonX Expert Network


About the Network - NewtonX is an online expert marketplace that connects leading professional services firms and institutions with senior professionals who have unique expertise in technology. NewtonX maps the knowledge of their experts in a very granular fashion and uses a matching algorithm to select the most relevant experts for each client request.

Consultant Profile - NewtonX focuses on tech domains from app development to cloud, data centers, e-commerce, IoT, SaaS, Virtual Reality and more, covering a broad range of industries including Aerospace & Defense, Consumer Goods, Healthcare, Media, Public Sector and Telco.

How It Works - NewtonX’s clients look for unique insights to make crucial business decisions. To begin the process, clients use a NewtonX guided algorithm to specify their needs. The platform filters these requests so Experts only receive the most relevant queries. NewtonX notifies experts of relevant client requests based on their profile and areas of expertise. Experts can decide which requests they want to accept, and the ones they want to decline.With one click, Experts can accept requests and notify the clients that they are available. NewtonX provides expert calendar availability for accepted requests, match expert availability to client needs, and automatically sends out a calendar invite. Experts then follow the instructions provided in the invite to connect with the client, and receive payment at the end of the consultation.

Opportunities -  Virtual consultation to assess new markets, competitors, products, customers or best practices.

Payment - Experts set their own rates.

Nobel Insights


About the Network -Noble Insights is a primary research firm that connects information seekers with informative experts in their respective fields. Industry experts give investors and companies an information edge by providing up to the minute insights, proactive opinions, unique ideas and fresh perspectives on market moving developments and newsworthy events.

Consultant Profile - Experts include the most sought after, respected, and informative leaders in their respective industries. Experts com from all sub-sectors throughout the world including healthcare, consumer goods, technology, media, telecom, financial, business services, energy, industrials, account, and legal.

How It Works - Experts provide insights, opinions, recommendations and predictions on important industry developments as well as provide clients with up-to-date critical events. Prior to any call, researchers vet or interview every expert to reduce the number of wasted calls. Experts are paid by the project, not the hour.

Opportunities - Phone consultations, in-house meetings, outside visits, and written products.

Payment - Experts are paid by the project, not the hour. Rates are set by Noble Insights.



About the Network - Founded by Anne Kroijer in 2014, OnFrontiers is headquartered in New York with regional coordinators across four continents. Their etwork of Experts covers all developing markets and can respond rapidly by matching user needs to available Experts. From payday lending in Latin America to geothermal power in East Africa, OnFrontiers specializes in providing experts to organizations making investments in the developing world.

Consultant Profile - OnFrontiers is a global advisory network comprised of executives, managers, consultants and academics who help educate decision makers across development organizations, global businesses, and investment communities. Their Advisors have backgrounds from a variety of industries, including agriculture, education, financial services, healthcare, law, manufacturing, natural resources, and technology.

How It Works - Clients describe their research questions, expertise needed, and timelines. OnFrontiers staff match research needs and match project needs with expertise. Promising candidates are recommended by OnFrontiers and clients select those with the best match. A consulting phone call is then scheduled. Once consultation has been completed, clients rate consultant performance.

Opportunities - Phone consultations

Payment - Experts set their own rates. Payment is made immediately after consultation.


Professional Services

About the Network - Peerwith is an expert network that connects researchers with peers who are experts in researcher services. The network was created to help improve the quality of academic work, speed up the publication process, and increase chances of publication in high-impact journals.

Consultant Profile - Experts are researchers with advanced degrees and extensive experience in the creation of manuscripts including journal articles, books and grant proposals.

How It Works - Researchers log in using Google (G-mail), LinkedIn, Mendeley or ORCID accounts, create a profile and connect with the Peerwith community. Researchers then select potential experts and discuss their projects, create a service request, and prepay for the services. Payment is held in escrow until the project is completed.

Opportunities - Copy editing, language editing, scientific editing, post editing after machine translation, translation services, manuscript writing support, transliteration, copy writing, manuscript review, journal guidance, submission service, literature research, rights and permissions, indexing, video and graphical extracts, thesis services, study design, data collection support, statistical analysis, data visualization, data sharing support, mentoring, funding application support, grant proposal support, workshop/training, application/cv support, promotion support, and custom requests.

Payment - Reseachers provide quotes on service requests. Peerwith adds 12%-20% to the quote depending on the service category, setting a minimum fee of USD 20. Payment is handle via paypal.

Primary Insight


About the Network - Primary Insight provides access to a diverse, global network of experts across all industry sectors. Their clients are primarily institutional investors interested in staying informed about ever-changing market trends, impacts and challenges in the industries they invest in. Primary Insight is based in New York, but has branches in Shanghai and Sydney.

Consultant Profile - Business executives, supply chain decision-makers, academics, clinical researchers, and other key industry stakeholders who are leading experts in their fields.

How It Works - Once Primary Insight receives a request, they target and recruit experts. Once identified, all experts are pre-screened (live over the phone). A “qualifying statement” is then provided to the client along with an expert biography, enabling clients to be more selective in their choice of consultants. Primary Insight then schedules consultations through Outlook Meeting Planners. Once a consultation has been completed, Primary Insight handles all billing and collections activity.

Opportunities - Phone consultations.

Payment - Experts establish their own consultating rates.



About the Network - Respondent is a market research and user experience platform that conducts studies on behalf of Fortune 500 companies. Respondent conducts studies with both consumers and industry professionals. High-profile customers include IBM, Allstate, Alation, and Huge.

Consultant Profile - Respondent works with consumers and business professionals, including software developers, marketers, executives, enterprise software users, business owners, and sales.

How It Works - Experts create profiles on the platform with their skills and interests. Experts verify their employment using their work emails. Respondent matches experts to potential projects using their skills and experience. Experts select the projects of interest to them, apply, and answer additional screening questions. Researchers reach out to selected experts to complete studies.

Opportunities - Unmoderated Surveys, Phone calls, interviews, and discussion groups. Engagements range from 15-minute surveys to multi-day panel discussions. Projects include both consumer and professional topics.

Payment - Payment ranges from $5 to $500, depending on the engagement type, with professional engagements paying significantly more than consumer engagements. Payments are generally made in gift cards rather than cash.

Saponaro, Inc.

Expert Witness

About the Network - Saponaro, Inc., is a nationwide group of consulting Experts offering attorneys an objective opinion on the merits of their case. We offer an efficient, dignified approach, and are noted for our integrity and candor. Saponaro, Inc., offers a full line of services to attorneys, providing well-qualified experts and in-depth case evaluations, both in a timely and cost effective manner.

Consultant Profile - Experts that are currently working in the field and have first-hand experience in the subject about which they are testifying are the most persuasive to a jury. An experienced practitioner can speak with confidence when challenged. Strong experts can speak to recent developments and publications in their areas of expertise. The ability to cite research to support their opinions and to comment on recent techniques or theories allows the jury to trust their expertise. Expert witnesses are utilized at trial because the subject about which they are testifying is not common knowledge. An expert that is a strong teacher, with the ability to explain in clear, concise terms, allows the jury to better grasp the material. The expert’s appearance and demeanor are equally as important. A jury that finds and expert sincere and open can listen to what the expert has to say. At times, due to the complexity of the subject matter, an expert can appear condescending. If a jury has negative feelings toward an expert, it can impact their perception of the testimony. Therefore, it is important for expert witnesses to be likeable while delivering testimony.

How It Works - Clients provide Saponaro with an overview of the case. The case is then screened by a practicing, board-certified physician, or appropriate Expert in the specialty of concern, and Saponaro will recommend the Expert best suited to assist with the case.

Opportunities - Peer to peer review, case evaluations, RN synopis and review, MD hotline, personal injury, product liability, independ medical exams, and motor vehicle impact analysis.

Payment - Payments are negotiated.

Scandinavian Research Partners


About the Network - Headquartered in Malmo, Sweden, Scandinavian Research Partners is an expert network focused on the Nordics and Eastern Europe. Experts cover all industries and levels of professional experience.

Consultant Profile - The network's experts are a diverse group of subject-matter-experts (SMEs) who come from a wide range of geographies, industries, and verticals across the world. Some of the experts have experience in Silicon Valley in California, others in the Energy Sector in Texas, and some have experience in the City of London, the Scandinavian market, or even the South East Asian market.

How It Works - The network's process of working with experts is designed to ensure that clients receive the best knowledge matching their needs. The process begins with the network receiving a request from a client. The network's staff then starts searching for the right expert candidates. Potential candidates are screened via phone before proceeding to the next step. Upon confirmation from the client, the network schedules the consultation. The consultation takes place on the network's conference line video/audio and after the consultation, the network initiates the payment to the expert for the time spent. Feedback is also gathered after the consultation.

Opportunities - The network offers three different delivery methods to meet the diverse needs of its clients. Regardless of the request, clients can always rest assured they will receive valuable insights from experts that have strong experience within their industry. This enables business leaders to make stronger and more well-informed decisions.

Expert Phone Interview: This engagement type is suitable for clients who need a quick and direct input from an expert on a specific topic or question. The format is a 60-minute phone consultation, in which the expert shares their expertise and insights with the client.

Direct Engagement: This engagement type is suitable for clients who need more in-depth support and guidance from an expert. The format is an ongoing engagement, where the expert works closely with the client on a live project, providing support and guidance as needed.

Written Deliverables: This engagement type is suitable for clients who need a detailed and written report on a specific topic or question. The format is an expert-written report, which includes insights, recommendations, and actionable steps for the client to take.

Payment - The network compensates its experts for their time and expertise through a bank transfer or Transferwise shortly after participating in a consultation. Compensation rates were not stipulated on the website.


Healthcare Life Sciences

About the Network - Sermo is the largest online physician network in the United States. Spanning 68 specialties and all 50 state, it allows physicians to collaborate on difficult cases and exchange observations about drugs, devices and clinical issues. Currently, the community has over 120,000 members.

Consultant Profile - Experts must be licensed physicians currently working in the United States.

How It Works - After registering for membership, physicians interact with their colleagues by writing, voting and commenting on postings. Posting relate to a wide range of medical topics including specific drugs, devices and clinical issues.

Opportunities - Posting and voting on comments on the Sermo website. They website also mentions surveys and focus groups but does not provide any specific information regarding these opportunities.

How to sign-up - Physicians can enroll using an online application.

Payment - $100 for a posting deemed highly beneficial to the community. $20 for voting on postings.


Professional Services

About the Network - Swedengroup is a boutique consulting firm based in New York that provides on-demand professional services consulting to the public, private and social sectors. Focused on skills, the network supports a wide variety of project based work with experts with a diverse set of skills, from video animation to investment screening.

Consultant Profile - Experts include, but are not limited to, engineers, designers, entrepreneurs, research scientists, business managers, civil servants, data scientists, translators, writers, coders, marketing professionals, and project managers.

How It Works - Clients contact Swedengroup directly via phone, web form, or email to discussion their projects and needs.

Opportunities - Flat and hourly-fee based professional services engagments tailored to meet client needs.

Payment - Payment information is not disclosed on the website.

Technical Expert Network


About the Network - Owned and organized by a diverse collection of international researchers, technical professionals, recruiters and international business people, Technical  Expert Network provides advice and insight to consulting firms, investment managers, NGOs, Universities and Corporations. They cover ten industries including life science, new media and technology, telecommunications, transportation and infrastructure, utilities and energy, aerospace and defense, supply chain and logistics, chemicals, natural resources and mining, and, professional and academic. The network focuses on emerging countries in the Americas, Middle East, Asia and Africa. Notably, they do not cover the US, Europe or Australia.

Consultant Profile - Science and technology professional living or working in the developing world.

How It Works - Experts search the online database for opportunities that match their background and experience.

Opportunities - Surveys, consultations and full-time employment.

Payment - Payments vary depending on type of opportunity, duration and experience required. Payment is made through paypal and moneybookers.

Technology Partnership

Professional Services

About the Network - The Technology Partnership Programme is a knowledge brokerage system that assists innovative enterprises in getting access to state-of-the-art technology. The network also assists members of the global network of knowledge institutions in commercialising their knowledge and building partnerships with enterprises and other institutions. Technology Partnership consists of 22,000 technology experts in multiple technological areas.

Consultant Profile - Experts include technology focused professionals from top name schools and technology corporations.

How It Works - When Technology Partnership Programme receives a request from a client, they create a project description and send it to qualified experts in their network. Experts have up to 10 days to express their interest in the project. Technology Partnership then qualifies the responses from experts and provides contact information to their clients. Clients are responsible for scheduling consultations.

Opportunities - Projects.

Payment - Market based rates.

The Expert Institute

Expert Witness

About the Network - The Expert Institute partners with AmLaw 100 leaders, boutique firms, and solo practitioners to deliver expert witness solutions across every area of practice. Combining technology with a team of skilled legal researchers, The Expert Insitutie developed a system that matches client needs with experts in wide range of industries and professions worldwide.

Consultant Profile - The Expert Insitute has leading experts in every industry and specialty area.

How It Works -  Clients contact The Expert Institute via web form or phone. After reviewing the specific needs of the client and case, the Insititute employs a proprietary algorithm to search more than 3 million expert profiles.

The Institute uses a strict validation process, Daubert reviews, background checks, conflict screenings and more ensure a flawless match. Clients can specify litigation experience, publication history, fee range, professional associations, certifications, and more. Once an expert is chosen, The Expert Institute coordinates conference calls between clients and potential experts.

Once your application is accepted, you will be connected with top litigators searching for expert witnesses at no cost. Experts keep all of their fees and handle their own billing.Experts work directly with attornies on every engagement.

Opportunities - Expert advice, witness testimony, and consultations.

Payment - Experts set their own rates and receive 100% of the consulting fees.

The TASA Group

Expert Witness

About the Network - Founded in 1956, The TASA Group is the oldest expert witness service in the United States. The network has over 10,000 seasoned professionals in Technical and Medical specialties. Experts are categorized into three practice areas:

Technical Advisory Service for Attorneys (TASA) which provides independent experts in business, technology, the arts, and science. TASA experts are available locally and nationally, for plaintiff or defense. They assist with various phases of litigation, including case merit evaluation, strategy, education, research, reporting, and testimony. TASA serves law and insurance professionals, businesses, and government agencies.

TASAmed which provides medical experts in more than 900 specialties, for plaintiff or defense. The majority are clinically active, board-certified practitioners who also serve as medical consultants and expert witnesses. Their services may include, but are not limited to, case merit consulting, peer review, assessments of standards of care and possible malpractice, and expert testimony.

TASconsulting provides independent consultants to address challenges in virtually any industry, profession, or government entity. Their insights and objectivity help advance ideas and innovations, discover and prevent problems, and help companies or organizations increase profitability or improve efficiency.

Consultant Profile - Consultants include board-certied physicians, business executives, scientists, and professionals from a wide range of industries.

How It Works - Clients can search for experts on the website, submit online queries, or contact TASA directly. Once a request has been received, a TASA Referral Advisors responds quickly to explore expert options and review client criteria. Most expert referrals are made within 24 hours. Clients then review and evaluate experts' credentials. The TASA Group  then sets up an initial telephone screening interview. Clients can then choose to accept or refine the referral. If the expert is acceptable, clients receive TASA’s Memorandum of Confirmation, which states the expert’s rates and the terms of TASA’s agreement. TASA continues to follow-up on the status of the referral and the case until its completion.

Opportunities - Expert advice, witness testimony, and consultations.

Payment - Experts set their own rates.

Third Bridge


About the Network - Founded in 2007 by two former Bain & Company consultants, Third Bridge provides insight and advice to the financial sector. Clients include hedge funds, mutual funds, private equity firms and strategy consultancies. The company headquarters are in London, and they have additional offices in New York, Shanghai, Hong Kong and New Delhi, and their staff is fluent in more than 25 languages. Currently, they have more than 35,000 experts in their database.

Consultant Profile - Third Bridge's experts include business executives, middle managers, politicians, industry consultants, lobbyists, lawyers, accountants, doctors and professors.

How It Works - Clients contact Third Bridge seeking information and advice. The company searches its database for appropriate experts and submits their anonymous profiles to the client. If both parties agree, Third Bridge schedules a consultation. After the consultation takes place, and the duration is confirmed by the client, the expert is compensated.

Opportunities - One-to-one telephone, in-person, multi-client telephone conferencing, surveys.

Payment - Experts set their own rates. Payment is made 30 days after confirmation from both the specialist and the client that the consultation has been completed.



About the Network - Unisearch is Australia’s largest provider of expert opinion services. Established in 1959, the team manages over 900 matters each year, ranging from expert opinions and testing services to consulting on major projects.

With offices in Sydney, Melbourne, and Perth, Unisearch provides expertise in over 2000 distinct disciplines to clients in industry and commerce, law, and public sector agencies. Clients encompass plaintiff and defendant litigators, private individuals, and businesses.

Consultant Profile -  Experts come from leading Australian Universities, commercial enterprises, and independent consultancies. Their expertise spans many sectors including engineering and construction, commercial litigation, personal injury, resources, rural and medico-legal, and many others.

How It Works - Unisearch receives a client inquiry and defines the area of expertise required to match suitable experts. The expert is then contacted regarding their interest and any potential conflicts. Approval is granted and the expert's CV is forwarded to the client. The expert provides a written quotation to Unisearch.

The expert is then sent a Consultant Quote form and Consultant Terms and Conditions to complete and return to Unisearch. The Expert (with prior approval of Unisearch) may contact the client to clarify key issues affecting the scope of work. Unisearch submits the Fee Proposal/tenders together with terms and conditions to the client for approval.

​Unisearch negotiates final terms and fees with the client. The expert does not begin work on the project until instructed to do so by Unisearch. Once Unisearch receives the client’s authorization, the expert is notified to proceed. If any additional work is required, the expert must contact the Account Executive and Unisearch will issue a new Consultant Quote form for the Expert to complete.

The project is established and monitored through Unisearch's job management system and financial controls. All correspondence from the client is kept on files maintained by Unisearch. An account executive assists with travel arrangements and any procurement related to project work. The expert may draw on Unisearch office facilities, which include: photocopying, binding, and covers for reports, telephone and Skype facilities, courier service, conference room facilities, and reception services.

The expert provides an opinion/report and Unisearch delivers the opinion/report to the client. The expert's report is sent to the account executive via email (Microsoft Word compatible). Unisearch proof-reads and formats the report and provides a final copy to the client

Opportunities - Expert opinions and Industry Reports.

Payment - Rates are negotiated. On completion of a project, the expert issues Unisearch with a Tax Invoice or Time Sheet. The expert is paid within 30 days from the submission of the expert's Tax Invoice for the work that falls within the scope of the Client Quote.

User Interviews


About the Network - User Interviews is a company that exists to help teams discover user insights. They believe that fast access to quality participants is the key to that discovery and have proven it through customer feedback. The company was founded by three individuals who have experience building successful companies, and they are on a mission to change how companies build products.

User Interviews operates as a distributed team and believes that consistent user feedback is essential for success. This is evident in their origin story, where their first company failed due to a lack of user feedback. The company has since raised $44M in funding and has grown to 124 employees spanning across 28 states. To date, they have launched 84,100 studies and recruited 2.4M participants.

The company culture at User Interviews values humility and confidence, independence and collaboration. The team is composed of diverse individuals, and this diversity is what makes the team special. Employee testimonials highlight the positive work-life balance and opportunities for growth within the company, as well as the fun and intellectually stimulating work.

User Interviews is fully remote and has been since 2018. The company culture values autonomy, self-starting, trust, top-down and bottoms-up alignment, and intentional communication. They embrace individuality and do not expect conformity. 

Consultant Profile - Consumers and business professionals from a wide range of industries and experience levels.

How It Works - Getting started as a participant on the platform is simple and fast. The process begins with creating a personal profile. By building a profile, users can browse studies that align with their interests. The system also sends email notifications to users about studies that may be a good fit for them.

Next, users can apply to studies by answering a few questions that researchers use to identify ideal participants. Many of these applications can be completed in a matter of minutes.

Once approved, participants can sign up for a session time that works for them. After completing the session, participants are compensated within a few days. The platform makes it easy for users to participate in studies and earn money in a convenient and efficient manner.

Opportunities - A wide variety of opportunities including:

  • Online tests and surveys: These studies can range from 10 minutes to several hours and offer compensation of $20-$300+.

  • Online interviews: Participants can expect to spend 30 minutes to 2 hours on these studies and earn $20-$300+.

  • Online diary studies: These studies can last from 3 days to several weeks and offer compensation of $55-$400+.

  • Online focus groups: Participants will spend 1 hour to 3 hours on these studies and earn $40-$200+.

  • All online studies: The time commitment for these studies can range from 30 minutes to several days and offer compensation of $20-$1500+

Payment - Incentive payments are distributed to participants based on the chosen method by the researcher. If the researcher opts to have User Interviews distribute incentives on their behalf, participants will have the option to choose from dozens of digital gift cards. On the other hand, if the researcher chooses to distribute incentives themselves, they have the option to choose the type of incentive they prefer such as cash, PayPal, direct deposit, store gift card, Visa gift card, a check, a product, access to a free subscription, etc. To check who is issuing the incentive, participants can log into their account and navigate to the "My studies" tab. If the study says "via choice of dozens of digital gift cards", that means User Interviews is distributing the incentive and the status will change to "Paid" once the researcher has marked attendance. If the study's incentive type is anything else, the researcher is distributing the incentive and the status will change to "Interview completed", and the participants should expect payment within 10 business days of the completed session. To check the status of the incentive payment, participants can log into their account and check the status of the study. If the study's status is "Confirmed", payment has not been released yet, if the status is "Paid" the incentive is available to be redeemed, and if the status is "Interview completed" the researcher has marked attendance and the participant should expect payment within 10 business days.

Verimed Healthcare Network

Healthcare Life Sciences

About the Network -  Verimed is a nationwide network of practicing clinicians and scientists from elite medical centers and academic institutions. The network provides a full range of medical consulting to life sciences companies, financial services firms, and healthcare content providers.

Consultant Profile - Experts are qualified physicians that represent all medical subspecialties who range in level of expertise from industry leaders to residents and fellows.

How It Works - Clients submit their questions via webform. Verified informs experts of opportunities in their specialty. Experts select projects they are interested in and Verimed communicates with the client to begin the consultation process.

Opportunities - Focus groups, surveys, private consultations, written reports.

Payment - Not specified on the website.



About the Network - VerzX is a global consulting firm that connects clients with industry experts for phone consultations, research projects, and surveys. They have a network of over 200,000 experts across 150 sectors and operate with a team of over 80 employees and 50 contractors around the world. VerzX offers real-time information on current market and industry trends across various industries and geographies, and they also offer longer-term engagement options and surveys. In addition to consulting services, they also offer job recruitment and place executives and candidates into longer-term employment roles. Their mission is to "unlock the world's knowledge by connecting businesses with sharp minds and empower businesses to shape the future," and they are committed to helping their clients achieve success. VerzX operates 24/7 with a global team of over 100 highly skilled people.

Consultant Profile - VerzX is a global consulting firm that connects clients with industry experts for phone and video call consultations. With a network of over 200,000 experts from a wide range of industries and roles, VerzX provides clients with access to real-world expertise on a wide range of topics. These experts come from more than 150 different sectors, including healthcare, pharmaceuticals, IT services, industrial goods and services, finance and insurance, oil and energy, telecommunications, logistics and transportation, education, aviation and tourism, agro industries, and internet and ecommerce. VerzX's expert network is constantly growing, with hundreds of new experts joining every month.

How It Works - VerzX's process for connecting clients with industry experts is simple and straightforward. Here's how it works:

  1. First, clients submit a search request outlining their needs and the type of expert they are looking for. VerzX will then provide a list of pre-vetted experts who are the best match for the client's needs.

  2. From the list of experts, clients can view profiles, hourly rates, and book one-on-one calls with the experts they believe will be the best fit for their project.

  3. After booking a call, clients can conduct audio or video interviews with the expert to get real-time, first-hand market insights. VerzX has a compliance framework in place to protect safe knowledge sharing and confidentiality.

  4. At the start of each interview, clients are provided with a 10-minute grace period. If the expert is not a good fit, clients can stop the call with no obligations.

  5. Once the interviews are complete, clients pay for the actual duration of the call, with a minimum of 60 minutes. Payments are only due after all interviews are completed. This ensures that clients only pay for the insights and expertise they receive.

Opportunities - Phone and video call consultations.

Payment - Payment is not mentioned on the website.

Westlaw Round Table Group

Expert Witness

About the Network - Founded in 1994, Westlaw Round Table Group's expert network contains over 100,000 expert witnesses including industry experts, corporate executives, and academics. The network provides experts for litigation support, research and witness testimony.

Consultant Profile - Experts include renowned professors, department chairs, deans, leading subject matter experts in all industries, physicians, research scientists, healthcare experts, 
attorneys in all legal fields, former government officials and advisors, 
and fellows at prestigious think tanks

How It Works - Experts work with lawyers from top law firms who need detailed knowledge and insight. Initially, experts learn about the case and what is expected from their role in the proceedings. This process may take place in face-to-face meetings or via teleconferencing or video conferencing. Usually, experts are expected to produce research to support the client's efforts. Many experts are also expected to testify during a trial.

Opportunities - Litigation support, research, expert witness testimony.

Payment - Compensation details are not included on the website.



About the Network - Zintro is a business network that connects clients with Experts for consulting engagements ranging from one half-hour phone consultations to multi-month on-site engagements. Uses include market research and technical questions. Zintro has almost 40,000 experts across every single industry sector. These experts have received inquiries from nearly 10,000 clients. Over 1,000 inquiries come in every month.

Consultant Profile - Experts come from every single industry sector, geography, and functional role.

How It Works - Clients submit an anonymous inquiry using an online form. The process takes about 90 seconds. The inquiries are then matched with Expert profiles. Experts receive matched inquiries via email and respond over the Zintro platform. Once clients and experts agree on an engagement, clients deposit money into an escrow system. When the engagement has been completed, the money is released to the expert.

Opportunities - Phone consultations, face-to-face consultations, and short engagements.

Payment - Experts set their own rates. Experts are paid within 14 days of a consultation. Payment can be made via Paypal or check.

Addition Information - Zintro has a premium service that may increase the likelihood of receiving consulting opportunities. Starting at $99.95 per month, the service allows experts to do free initial consultations, charges clients a lower percentage, and allows greater communication via the Zintro platform.

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