New Master Artists

About the Network - New Master Artists is an Independent Platform that allows artists and experts to openly share information in a community. It is completely independent from any art expert, gallery, dealer or auction house and is open to any artist and any qualified expert worldwide. The platform facilitates competitions and provides a marketplace for new artists.

Consultant Profile -Experts are influencial art bloggers, professional gallerists, art dealers, art appraisers, art agents, art curators, art critic, art specialists, art advisors,  and art academy teachers. In exceptional cases they accept art collectors and art investors. They do not accept artists who are none of the above. New Master Artists has the final and independent vote over approval of any expert. 

In addition, experts must earn income with criticizing or dealing in contemporary art. They must have a minimum of 2 years of experience and must follow New Master Artists etiquette guidelines.

How It Works - Artists buy credits that they use to invite experts.
Experts have 28 days to respond to requests. Experts set their own prices. Experts may select which type of advice they want and the price for each type of advice. New Master Artist will double that price as a commission for the services. In addition to evaluating invidual artist works, experts have the opportunity to judge competitions.
Opportunities - Online art evaluation and competition judging.

How to sign-up - Experts can apply using an online application.  
Payment - Experts set their own rates. 



Online Application