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NewtonX Expert Network

About the Network - NewtonX is an online expert marketplace that connects leading professional services firms and institutions with senior professionals who have unique expertise in technology. NewtonX maps the knowledge of their experts in a very granular fashion and uses a matching algorithm to select the most relevant experts for each client request.

Consultant Profile - NewtonX focuses on tech domains from app development to cloud, data centers, e-commerce, IoT, SaaS, Virtual Reality and more, covering a broad range of industries including Aerospace & Defense, Consumer Goods, Healthcare, Media, Public Sector and Telco.

How It Works - NewtonX’s clients look for unique insights to make crucial business decisions. To begin the process, clients use a NewtonX guided algorithm to specify their needs. The platform filters these requests so Experts only receive the most relevant queries. NewtonX notifies experts of relevant client requests based on their profile and areas of expertise. Experts can decide which requests they want to accept, and the ones they want to decline.With one click, Experts can accept requests and notify the clients that they are available. NewtonX provides expert calendar availability for accepted requests, match expert availability to client needs, and automatically sends out a calendar invite. Experts then follow the instructions provided in the invite to connect with the client, and receive payment at the end of the consultation.
Opportunities -  Virtual consultation to assess new markets, competitors, products, customers or best practices. 

How to sign-up - Experts can apply using an online application.  
Payment - Experts set their own rates.



Online Application

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