ORC Experts

About the Network - ORC International Expert Advisory Services enables highly qualified experts to provide technical consulting services for leading companies and institutions. ORC also provides opportunities for expert witness consulting. ORC focuses on providing experts in the areas of science, engineering, medicine, technology, business process, and regulation. All experts are vetted and have impressive credentials and extensive experience in their respective areas of expertise. Since 1984, the ORC Expert network  has been used by  over half of all Fortune 500 companies to solve critical business issues.

Consultant Profile - Consultants fit into four different categories. The first category consists of highly distinguished professors, scientists, physicians, and researchers from academic institutions, national labs, and research facilities in North America and Europe. The second category includes top retired professionals from a wide variety of technical and business disciplines. Third, there are experts currently practicing medicine or currently employed in industry with an authorization from their employer, if necessary, to participate in the expert network. The last category consists of independent and experienced consultants in a wide variety of technical, scientific, medical, and business disciplines.

How It Works - ORC specialists facilitate the connection between clients and experts based on project inquiries received. ORC handles all administrative work behind the transaction. ORC works with the expert to define the scope of the work proposal for the client. The expert establishes rates deemed applicable for the work and ORC International incorporates the expense into their margin. Upon successfully selling the project, ORC International handles the invoicing and accounting paperwork.
Opportunities - Project-based consulting at a negotiated rate. Short-term consulting engagements at a flat rate.

How to sign-up - Experts can enroll via an online application.
Payment - Experts establish their own consultating rates. Payment requests are made via their online payment system.



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