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Who Uses Expert Networks and Why Do They Use Them?

Market research is an essential component of any business, and there are a variety of methods that organizations use to gather insights and information about their target audience, competitors, and industry. Surveys, research reports, and user interviews are all valuable tools for gathering data, but there are times when a more complete picture is needed.

An expert network is a resource that companies can use to connect with industry advisors who have the specialized knowledge and experience needed to provide valuable insights and guidance on a particular topic. Whether you're a consultant, investor, or product designer, speaking to an expert in the field can provide valuable perspective and help you make informed decisions.

There are many situations in which an expert network might be used, including:

  • Consulting firms looking to learn more about a new business, market, or product

  • Private equity groups researching a potential investment or market that may impact their investment (such as a supplier or distributor)

  • Investment firms looking to conduct due diligence on a business opportunity

  • Consulting firms doing market sizing and benchmarking

  • IT consulting firms seeking specialized engineering help to consider new solutions for building a tech product

  • Marketing teams looking for specialized advisors for ongoing consulting work

  • Internal corporate strategy teams considering different obstacles and opportunities in a specific market

Using an expert network to connect with advisors allows companies to focus on what they do best and turn to expert advisors for specialized knowledge and answers to tough questions. This can be particularly useful for organizations that are entering a new market or tackling a new challenge and need to quickly gather information and insights from experienced professionals.

Overall, expert networks are a valuable resource for companies looking to gather specialized knowledge and make informed decisions. Whether you're a consultant, investor, or product designer, engaging with an expert in the industry can provide valuable perspective and help you navigate complex challenges and opportunities.

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