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Primary Insight

About the Network - Primary Insight provides access to a diverse, global network of experts across all industry sectors. Their clients are primarily institutional investors interested in staying informed about ever-changing market trends, impacts and challenges in the industries they invest in. Primary Insight is based in New York, but has branches in Shanghai and Sydney.

Consultant Profile - Business executives, supply chain decision-makers, academics, clinical researchers, and other key industry stakeholders who are leading experts in their fields.

How It Works - Once Primary Insight receives a request, they target and recruit experts. Once identified, all experts are pre-screened (live over the phone). A “qualifying statement” is then provided to the client along with an expert biography, enabling clients to be more selective in their choice of consultants. Primary Insight then schedules consultations through Outlook Meeting Planners. Once a consultation has been completed, Primary Insight handles all billing and collections activity.
Opportunities - Phone consultations.

How to sign-up - Experts can begin their online application by selecting an industry sector on the enrollment page
Payment - Experts establish their own consultating rates.

Additional Information - Each month, Primary Insight hosts a guest speaker series focusing on mission-critical topics spanning all industries and sectors with actionable data and opinions.



Online Application

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