Samba Experts

About the Network - Samba Experts is a pool of highly experienced interim business professionals based in Switzerland and trained at one of the leading business schools including INSEAD, IMD, Harvard, London Business School and Stanford. The network specializes in helping business find solutions to specific problems on a project basis.

Consultant Profile - High level business executives with degrees from top rated schools. Experts come from all industries with most having specialized experience in on or more areas including but not limited to brand strategy, organizational development, leadership, design, sales strategy, and employee engagement.

How It Works - Clients share their project needs with Samba Network representatives. Experts are chosen based on project needs and experience. Clients receive a shortlist of 3 to 6 candidates. Chosen candidates engage with clients via phone or in person.
Opportunities - Phone consultations, 1 to 3 week projects, 1 to 3 month projects, and interim management.

How to sign-up - Experts can begin their online application on the enrollment page. 
Payment - Expert payments are negotiated on a per project basis. For projects with a duration of less than 30 days, experts get paid 10 days after project completion. For projects with a duration of 30 days or more, experts are paid at the end of every months.



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