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Saponaro, Inc

About the Network - Saponaro, Inc., is a nationwide group of consulting Experts offering attorneys an objective opinion on the merits of their case. We offer an efficient, dignified approach, and are noted for our integrity and candor. Saponaro, Inc., offers a full line of services to attorneys, providing well-qualified experts and in-depth case evaluations, both in a timely and cost effective manner.

Consultant Profile - Experts that are currently working in the field and have first-hand experience in the subject about which they are testifying are the most persuasive to a jury. An experienced practitioner can speak with confidence when challenged. Strong experts can speak to recent developments and publications in their areas of expertise. The ability to cite research to support their opinions and to comment on recent techniques or theories allows the jury to trust their expertise. Expert witnesses are utilized at trial because the subject about which they are testifying is not common knowledge. An expert that is a strong teacher, with the ability to explain in clear, concise terms, allows the jury to better grasp the material. The expert’s appearance and demeanor are equally as important. A jury that finds and expert sincere and open can listen to what the expert has to say. At times, due to the complexity of the subject matter, an expert can appear condescending. If a jury has negative feelings toward an expert, it can impact their perception of the testimony. Therefore, it is important for expert witnesses to be likeable while delivering testimony.

How It Works - Clients provide Saponaro with an overview of the case. The case is then screened by a practicing, board-certified physician, or appropriate Expert in the specialty of concern, and Saponaro will recommend the Expert best suited to assist with the case. 
Opportunities - Peer to peer review, case evaluations, RN synopis and review, MD hotline, personal injury, product liability, independ medical exams, and motor vehicle impact analysis.

How to sign-up - Experts can apply using an online form
Payment - Payments are negotiated.



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