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About the Network - Sermo is the largest online physician network in the United States. Spanning 68 specialties and all 50 state, it allows physicians to collaborate on difficult cases and exchange observations about drugs, devices and clinical issues. Currently, the community has over 120,000 members. 

Consultant Profile - Experts must be licensed physicians currently working in the United States.

How It Works - After registering for membership, physicians interact with their colleagues by writing, voting and commenting on postings. Posting relate to a wide range of medical topics including specific drugs, devices and clinical issues. 

Opportunities - Posting and voting on comments on the Sermo website. They website also mentions surveys and focus groups but does not provide any specific information regarding these opportunities.

How to sign-up - Physicians can enroll using an online application.
Payment - $100 for a posting deemed highly beneficial to the community. $20 for voting on postings. 



Online Application

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