About the Network - SightLinx is a network of experts and professionals that provide a reliable, consistent avenue for industry leaders to explore customer, market, and regulatory perspectives and trends within the health and wellness industry. Clients include insurance providers, brokers, benefit consultants, and employers. SightLinx helps its clients gather the insight they need, including market, customer and competitor information, to make better business decisions.

Consultant Profile - Experts include agents, brokers, benefit consultants, employer human resource managers, benefit managers, and experienced individuals working for insurance carriers, third party administrators and other healthcare service suppliers.

How It Works - Clients post public research projects for which any qualified individual can respond or private research projects for which SightLinx proactively recruits and secures expert participation. 
Opportunities - Online surveys and focus groups, telephone surveys, traditional focus groups and face-to-face interviews.

How to sign-up - Experts can enroll online using an online application found on the front page of the website.
Payment - Cash and non-cash incentives such as research summaries and white papers or charitable contributions made on the expert's behalf. Specific details not provided.

Additional Information - SightLinx is a subsidiary of Stonegate Advisors, LLC. Stonegate provides strategic counsel, business advisory, and research services to companies within or targeting the health and wellness industry. 



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