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Technology Partnership

About the Network - The Technology Partnership Programme is a knowledge brokerage system that assists innovative enterprises in getting access to state-of-the-art technology. The network also assists members of the global network of knowledge institutions in commercialising their knowledge and building partnerships with enterprises and other institutions. Technology Partnership consists of 22,000 technology experts in multiple technological areas.

Consultant Profile - Experts include technology focused professionals from top name schools and technology corporations.

How It Works - When Technology Partnership Programme receives a request from a client, they create a project description and send it to qualified experts in their network. Experts have up to 10 days to express their interest in the project. Technology Partnership then qualifies the responses from experts and provides contact information to their clients. Clients are responsible for scheduling consultations.
Opportunities - Projects

How to sign-up - Experts can contact the Technology Partnership Programme by email at or by phone at +45 7220 1455.
Payment - Market based rates.

Additional Information - Past clients include Volvo, Lego and Carlsbad.



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