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The Expert Institute

About the Network - The Expert Institute partners with AmLaw 100 leaders, boutique firms, and solo practitioners to deliver expert witness solutions across every area of practice. Combining technology with a team of skilled legal researchers, The Expert Insitutie developed a system that matches client needs with experts in wide range of industries and professions worldwide.

Consultant Profile - The Expert Insitute has leading experts in every industry and specialty area.

How It Works -  Clients contact The Expert Institute via web form or phone. After reviewing the specific needs of the client and case, the Insititute employs a proprietary algorithm to search more than 3 million expert profiles. 


The Institute uses a strict validation process, Daubert reviews, background checks, conflict screenings and more ensure a flawless match. Clients can specify litigation experience, publication history, fee range, professional associations, certifications, and more. Once an expert is chosen, The Expert Institute coordinates conference calls between clients and potential experts.

Once your application is accepted, you will be connected with top litigators searching for expert witnesses at no cost. Experts keep all of their fees and handle their own billing.Experts work directly with attornies on every engagement.
Opportunities - Expert advice, witness testimony, and consultations.

How to sign-up - Experts can apply using an online form
Payment - Experts set their own rates and receive 100% of the consulting fees.



Online Application

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