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Third Bridge (Formerly Cognolink)

About the Network - Founded in 2007 by two former Bain & Company consultants, Third Bridge provides insight and advice to the financial sector. Clients include hedge funds, mutual funds, private equity firms and strategy consultancies. The company headquarters are in London, and they have additional offices in New York, Shanghai, Hong Kong and New Delhi, and their staff is fluent in more than 25 languages. Currently, they have more than 35,000 experts in their database.

Consultant Profile - Third Bridge's experts include business executives, middle managers, politicians, industry consultants, lobbyists, lawyers, accountants, doctors and professors. 

How It Works - Clients contact Third Bridge seeking information and advice. The company searches its database for appropriate experts and submits their anonymous profiles to the client. If both parties agree, Third Bridge schedules a consultation. After the consultation takes place, and the duration is confirmed by the client, the expert is compensated.
Opportunities - One-to-one telephone, in-person, multi-client telephone conferencing, surveys. 

How to sign-up - Experts should send their CV and a brief description of their experience to and a member of the research team will be in touch to complete the registration process.
Payment - Experts set their own rates. Payment is made 30 days after confirmation from both the specialist and the client that the consultation has been completed.

Addition Informational - Third Bridge calls its experts "specialists" and is particularly interested in individuals with experience in niche geographies or sectors.



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