TMT Expert Network

About the Network - The TMT Expert Network provides experts to investment firms, consultancies, and corporations to aid in the due diligence process. TMT Expert Network management includes professionals with advanced degrees in engineering & management from top universities, and with several years of experience across organizations in Consulting, Financial Services, Technology, Automotive and Education space.

Consultant Profile - Experts come from all industries and sectors and have direct industry experience or in-depth sectoral knowledge. The network contains experts from technology, media and telecom  including: C-level executives, researchers, distributors, resellers, suppliers, manufacturers, and customers. Headquartered in San Francisco, TMT Expert Network has  researchers on the ground in Asia, Latin America, Europe and the US.

How It Works - TMT Expert Network receives service requests from Clients and matches those requests with the knowledge & skill-set of experts in their network. Once a match has been made, TMT contacts Experts with proposals to participate in those services. Experts then assess the request and confirm their availability for work. This information is shared with prospective clients along with the Expert's profile.

Once a profile is selected by the Client, TMT confirms participation and coordinates consultations. Most short-term engagements happen over Phone/Email, while  a few may involve in-person meetings. Additional services may be delivered via discussed & agreed-upon channels as per the requirement.
- One-on-One Expert Consultations, Focus Group Interviews, Speaker Services/Panel Discussions, Expert Research,  Surveys, Project Delivery, Training & Learning.

How to sign-up - Experts can enroll online on the TMT Expert Network website.
Payment - Experts can propose their own hourly billing rate for participation in the Engagements, at the time of signing-up. However given that the billing rate plays an important role in the selection of profile/s by the Clients,TMT may guide experts inthe  finalization of their hourly billing rate to ensure they are inline with your experience, subject-matter expertise and industry standards.

Once the request is delivered, TMT Expert Network will provide a summary, including payment details. The payment will be made to your bank account as per the terms & conditions outlined in the Expert Services Agreement.



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